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My first week teaching children and monks in Laos

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Jean-Pierre is teaching English and French to young monks and children in Luang Prabang, Laos...he is telling us about his first impressions.


Kizoa slideshow: First week in Luang - Slideshow

Luang is really cool, even though I haven’t had the chance to visit much, I still have time... Children, including novice monks, are adorable, focused, driven, anything  a western teacher would ever dream of...At the end of each course, they stand up and recite while joining hands the asian way: "Thank you, Professor, for what you taught us. Again, I have learnt a lot, thank you for the knowledge that you communicate to us. I will be happy to see you in class tomorrow morning (evening), and I wish you a great day (night ...) " A greeting we always reciprocate, of course…


Last week I left my class of novice monks to go and teach in a new school : "The Big Brother Mouse". 

The fundation is expecting me to teach, but also to create a structure, and to estiblish a management. I am incredibly excited about this new role, and although the site looks basic, I think there is much to do.


Last night, with Deng, we give an exercise to the children about the Dragon. What came out is :
- He lives in the sea or on top of mountains,
- He can not play badminton or tennis,
- He does not drink Wiskey Lao
- He does not like rap or hip hop


I will send you more news from the Dragon, I am almost sure it is a great skier, I think I saw a few in the Himalayan mountains, skiing with yetis.

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