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Volunteers preparing Christimas and a nice story from the Temple


Cooper patching up his pants before our Christmas party yesterday, because we have a lot of classes 24 and 25 December. A fun evening on a terrace overlooking the Mekong.


Kizoa slideshow: Christmas Eve & Noy, my favoured student - Slideshow

Today I was invited by Noy, little Novice and ​ my favorite student, ​he​ is the youngest of my five classes, super shy and diligent in learning English. He invited me to his temple at 8:00 in the morning (it starts meditation at 3:30, he is 12 years old...). As soon as I arrived at the temple, he ran to his dorm to get his books and notebooks for me to help with homework ...
He ​was ​dead cold, just wearing his dressat 11 °C... an outfit that's very comfortable from March to October (32-35 ° wet​) but really light on evenings and mornings actually.

I asked him if he had any warm clothes, he said he was from a very poor family in the North, and that he had never had warm clothing. I asked around for a place to buy clothes for monks, and we went to Fouzi Market. When we got to the shop, my student was in another world. We bought a sweater and a large shawl. We returned to the temple, he tried his new he had never worn a sweater or a shawl before, his​ ​friend had to help​ him.​..

It was 10am, ​he asked me to help him for his home work​, ​we had​ 25 °, I asked him to come next to me ​under​ the sun, but he wanted to stay in the shades, under a tree, with his warm clothe​​s. ​Without pride but so glad and happy to wear warm clothes for the the first time of his life.


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