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Volunteering in Johannesburg, South Africa

South Africa
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Volunteer-Africa-4.jpgSouth Africa is an ever changing country and is one place where volunteering really makes a difference. In South Africa, be it in Johannesburg or Cape Town or out in the bush, volunteers can feel safe and secure, while still making a meaningful difference and gaining some unforgettable travel memories.


Schools throughout South Africa, particularly in the townships surrounding Johannesburg and Cape Town often have too many students and too few teachers. However a sense of optimism is overwhelming throughout these communities and visitors are most often welcomed with open arms. Many of the township children have grown up speaking native African languages and feel a need to learn English to find jobs and study at the top universities around the country. Here volunteers can make a definitive, life-changing difference in the lives of many of these children. Volunteer trips to teach English in Africa, don’t only have to be about the language, many young volunteers also tend to get involved in the sporting and cultural activities at the schools as these can often to bring the most joy and reward.



To continue the volunteering experience, many of South Africa’s luxury game lodges offer wildlife conservation volunteering programmes. These wildlife volunteering programmes offer an opportunity to work at a game lodge, often in all aspects, from housekeeping, to the kitchen and in the field. You can learn how to track and identify animals and in time you could even learn how to become a game ranger. Volunteers at game lodges can also become involved in the conservation of many of South Africa’s species that are battling for survival, such as the rhino and elephant.


If an entire trip is not for you, then you should consider adding a volunteering activity on to your holiday package. You could build a house for the less fortunate, plant a tree to off set your carbon footprint, bring a smile to a child at one of South Africa’s many orphanages or help serve meals in a soup kitchen. When all the work is done and dusted South Africa is home to many pristine beaches, forest areas and majestic game reserves for visitors to explore.


This guest article was contributed by Janine Mare of . Janine is a proud South African who constantly sees the difference volunteers are making in her country.

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