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Which travel insurance for volunteering abroad?

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Volunteering is perhaps the highest evidence of altruism there is but whilst helping underprivileged individuals or advocating a cause, you would first have to ensure that you, the volunteer, is safe and secure. Simply put, it means having the appropriate type of travel insurance.

Volunteer Insurance: Also Known As Gap Insurance

Strictly speaking, though, the term “travel insurance for volunteers” does not theoretically exist. Instead, this kind of insurance is known as “gap insurance” and is designed for people who will work without compensation for altruistic pursuits such as teaching English to non-English speaking peoples, agricultural methods to farmers or home-based manufacture of handicrafts.

Although there are varying lengths of insurance cover, a volunteer’s insurance policy usually lasts for a maximum period of one year. The rule of thumb here is to review the policy wording to ensure that the duration of your trip fits the insurance cover, preferably with some time to spare if you want to go sightseeing, engage in other attractions, or participate in some activities or events.

The Advantage of Extended Insurance Cover

Your policy should be able to cover medical expenses of any illness or injury that you may acquire while you are volunteering and pay out, with a certain amount of set cash to tide you over, should your belongings are stolen or lost. This extent of cover is especially helpful if you have personal possessions that include expensive gadgets such as laptops and tablets.

If you are a volunteer under contract of a non-profit organization, an annual travel insurance would be beneficial, since you will be insured across several countries on a single extended trip, and give the distinct advantage of having extended cover during any stopover to a country where your volunteer work may take you. 

Checking Terms and Conditions Before Setting Off

volunteer-project.jpgBefore setting off for other countries where your volunteer work may take you, however, check your policy’s terms and conditions before purchasing it since there might be certain countries wherein your cover may not be applicable because they are war zones, devastated by natural disasters or in a perilous condition of political or civil unrest.

Remember also that most gap insurance policies are generally designed for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 and thus may refuse you cover if you are not in this particular bracket. Travel insurance is always available, though, for overseas volunteers if they get an annual travel insurance to cover a single trip that has been extended.



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