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5 Top Students Destinations for a Gap Year Abroad

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Having a gap year is a common practice for European and US students. Gap year is a year taken by students before entering the college. It is usually devoted to gaining useful life experience by working, taking internships, learning the arts or foreign languages - actually, doing lots of things that lie outside of their usual school activities. What is more, the researches show that taking a gap year leads to higher college grades and bigger job satisfaction.


Traveling is extremely popular among those having a gap year as it’s considered that nothing can enrich you with the life experience than traveling. There are several destinations extremely popular among the students taking a gap year. Here’s the top list tried by students worldwide:



1. Australia. It’s a great deal for those leaving home for the first time! This big and beautiful country won’t shake you much with the culture shock and give you an experience of living in another country. It has lots of beautiful spots where you can work and enjoy yourself.


2. Thailandis one of the world’s top destinations. And it’s not a surprise! This marvelous country has a lot to offer: paradise beaches, fussy Bangkok, unique spicy cuisine. Accomodation and travel around Thailand is very cheap! As for jobs, Thailand offers Volunteering on conservation projects that can help you to preserve one of those amazing beaches. There’s lots of ways to spend your spare time: deepening into the history and culture, learning to dive, boxing or simply beach.


3. Brazil. Its big size offers the visitors a countless opportunities to spend their time: it has great mountain views, numerous beaches and the worldwide famous Carnival. It’s a popular destination for conservation volunteers due to the diverse animal and plant life. If the sports are your way of life, you can teach with the sports coaching volunteer program. Sports gives a great insight into Brazil’s culture.


volunteer-children-india.JPG4. India, overwhelming with its brightness and versatility, is better for those who already have a traveling experience. Crowds on the streets, fuss, spices, shocking differences between the rich and the poor - for the first time it can be quite shocking. But here as never you can learn a lot about completely different and rich cultures. Here you can ride the camels and visit magnificent palaces. It also offers lots of volunteering opportunities .


5. Fiji. If you want to feel the taste of good, relaxing life - this option is for you! Fiji is famous for its blue lagoons and beautiful beaches. This island is well-developed and offers numerous volunteer programs , so you will definitely find the right fit. For instance, you can join Broadreach's Shark Study program if the sharks are interesting for you and your nerves are strong enough. You can work at one of these beautiful beaches, too!


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