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Payment goes directly to the educational institute and tuition fees are protected by the New Zealand government. We are New Zealand Specialist certified agents and members of the ICEF Educational Group.


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We are the leading educational experts for New Zealand with partners ranging from private institutes to universities, high schools polytechnics and English schools.


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Universities in New Zealand


In recent years, the international student population in New Zealand has grown rapidly. The country is now recognised as a world-class provider of international courses for students, offering impressive institutions and a progressive education system.

The eight universities in New Zealandare located in main cities in the country’s two main islands; this geographic spread gives students the chance to pursue an enviable range of lifestyle choices around study, jobs, recreation and culture. At any one time, more than 120 countriesare represented in the  New Zealand university system, with students being attracted by the quality of the education, the moderate cost of both tuition and living expenses and the country 's wonderful natural environment. The Universities we can place you in : 


Lincoln University

Less than 25 minutes from Christchurch, Lincoln University campus is reknowned for the quality of its environment: modern teaching spaces, and accommodation for approximately 650 students during the university year.


Study English in New Zealand

Massey University

Each year, more than 3000 international students from more than 100 countries study at Massey, situated in Palmerston North.


University of Auckland

New Zealand's top university, The University of Auckland has the most comprehensive range of courses in the country, with teaching and research conducted over eight faculties.


University of Canterbury

Some 12,000 students are enrolled in Canterbury, which offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in some 50 disciplines. The University is situated 15 minutes from Christchurch city center and 10 minutes from the International Airport.


Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria is a thriving community of almost 25,000 people. Most are students of all nationalities. They offer programmes across a huge range of subjects, and they have one of the strongest reputations for research.


University of Otago

Otago's attractive campus is a mixture of historic and modern buildings located in the centre of Dunedin.


New Zealand polytechnics


Would you like to study in New Zealand, but are unsure whether universities meet your needs? Whether you're finishing high school (1st degree student) or already in the workforce, polytechnics offer qualifications to suit students of all ages: media and communication degrees, nursing diplomas, engineering certificates and language courses.

The qualifications that polytechnics offer tend to be vocational, which means that they are very practical and 'hands on' in nature. Via close collaboration with industry bodies, polytechnics ensure that their qualifications and course content meet the exact needs of industry.

If you’re interested in nursing, therapy or sports science; if you want to make a career out of photography, art or graphic design; if you want to turn your love of cars into a paying job; or run your own construction company, then a qualification from a New Zealand polytechnic will set you up.


Private Institutes


Private Training Establishments are well-established in New Zealand, and have the role of providing training that may not be available in the public sector. Training is provided to special needs groups or in time frames that support the specific needs of learners. The subjects that are covered in private institutes include the likes of computing, business, health care and hospitality. Tutors generally come from industry instead of academia, and have the role of preparing learners for rapid employment.


Enquire here about requirements and registration process to study in New Zealand



Admissions and visas


Student Visa


It is a requirement by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) that international students in New Zealand for a period longer than 3 months hold a valid Student Visa for their period of study. The student is required to complete a Student Visa application form, which can be downloaded from the New Zealand Immigration site. The student should always ensure that the student visa is current and note when it expires so that it can be renewed in time. The student visa will only be renewed if the student attends the course in which they have enrolled.


Working Holiday Visa


There are various work opportunities for visitors on a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa. Find out more about how to apply for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa . The government of New Zealand also encourages people on a Working Holiday Visa to consider jobs in the areas of agriculture, horticulture and viticulture (grape-growing).

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