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How to save your bucks while planning a trip to India?

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volunteer-projects-elephants.JPGIndia, popularly known as “God’s own Country” is considered as the world’s most beautiful destination. Majority of people strive to visit various famous destinations in India and thus they plan to visit India. So, in order to visit India, they look over the internet to book flights to India or go through various holiday packages that can make their holiday exciting. Many of them come here for business meetings and make out some time to visit beautiful places in India. One of the greatest things about visiting India is that one can travel here as lavishly by spending less amount of money ultimately making the trip inexpensive. Thus, there are numerous ways that makes the India trip less costly than ever expected. Let us have a look on those valuable tips:


• Book flights in advance: One may be thinking that booking for last minute flights would prove to be a good deal, but in most of the cases this is not true. Most of the domestic flights in India provide discounts on advanced bookings. In most of the situations if you book flights at last minute, you’ll be most likely going to pay double as compared to the one that is pre-booked a month before. 


• Choose favorable holiday package: One can choose appropriate holiday package combo of flights as well as hotel deals with multiple destinations that are readily offered by the tour agents as well as online holiday package sites. One can usually save up to nearly 30% of the cost of booking flights as well as hotels separately. 


• Approach for midday flights: It may sound as well as feel little inconvenient for traveling in the middle of the day by wasting precious sightseeing hours. Majority of businessmen prefer early morning or late evening flights which increases its value and demand. Thus, at midday one could find greater availability of cheaper flights as compared to early morning or late evening flights. 



• Travel during off-season: One can save substantial amount of money while travelling away from main tourist season. Also in off-seasons one may be able to afford the luxurious hotels that could be out of the budget. Thus, if possible one should avoid traveling in India during peak seasons like during Diwali or Christmas. 


• Lower down or cut down the costs on the meals: Eating in hotels and restaurants can prove to be quite expensive and due to this reason one should prefer those hotels that include breakfast in the room rate itself. 


• Travel through trains: Indian railways are the best way to travel around India and its tourist places if you are truly budget conscious. Also there is one advantage for train travelers that Indian Railways offers train tour packages too.


• Go rural: Big cities in India are going expensive and so it is better to visit rural places in India. If one truly want to see the beauty of Indian culture, one may visit rural areas that could excite you as well as save your money too. Thus, these were main points that should be kept in mind while visiting India. These tips surely will help you in saving your money and at the same time it will make your trip more exciting as well as memorable.


Author’s Bio: Chris, owner of one of the leading airlines company is sharing some tips for saving money while planning trip to India. Also he is discussing as to how to book low-cost flights to India .

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