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How to Make the Most of Your Money on an Australian Working Holiday

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As travel trends continue to evolve at pace, the so-called ‘working holiday’ is becoming ever more popular.


Australia Working Holiday


What is a Working Holiday?

The concept behind a working holiday is simple. Rather than being what we’d traditionally term as business travel, it is the practice of taking a holiday, but working during part of the holiday, whether this be to simply earn money to spend throughout the trip, or in lieu of things such as accommodation and meals.


Before You Travel

While a working holiday sounds great, it is not as simple as just jumping on the airplane and heading to Australia, or wherever else you desire. Ensure that you arrange yourself a working holiday visa (WHV), so you’re covered to legally earn money during your trip. What is the point in heading Down Under without completing the formalities of acquiring a WHV Australia, only to have your oversight ruin your trip and probably see you heading home?


Of course, if you’re planning a working holiday, then being able to manage your money effectively is going to be important, particularly if your holiday earnings are going to be your main financial support rather than just a supplementary income.


How can you budget effectively on a working holiday?


Plan as Far Ahead as Possible

We don’t want to take the excitement away from traveling, but if you’ve planned your trip as much as possible, then you’ll find it easy to manage your finances. Think about how you’re going to travel, where you are planning to stay, what you want to do and see, and about how all of these factors fit into the work that you are planning to do. Remember that you might be able to pick up some work on the go, so you can perhaps allow for the odd indulgence here and there. After all, you are on holiday.


Australia’s Hostel Network

If there’s a better hostel network anywhere in the world, then we’re yet to be introduced to it. Australia’s hostels are so good that increasing numbers of Working Holiday makers are deciding to stay in them, even if they can afford luxurious hotels in the city centers.
Homely, welcoming, and above all, exceptional value, you can get everything you need at Australia’s best hostels. Many of them throw breakfast, dinner, and sometimes even free drinks into their prices, which remain low despite this, and will enable you to live a happy, yet frugal, existence during your trip.


Getting Around

Travel costs are probably your best opportunity to save as much money as possible on a Working Holiday Visa, especially if you can make use of free hire relocation cars and campervans. Alternatively, you will meet many great people in the places you work and stay, and a quick conversation will help you discover which people have the same ideas as you. Traveling together on the road will save you all a small fortune, and enable you to share experiences as well as things like driving. Just be careful you’re not going to end up in competition for the same holiday jobs!

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