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Learn to be a game ranger in South Africa

South Africa
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study-abroad-AfricaFor some people, simply going on a safari holiday is just not enough. To really immerse yourself in the bush experience, to get up and close and personal with the animals, to help with conservation and to get involved in the local culture, you need to stay longer than just a few weeks! Why not take a gap out of your busy life and learn how to be a game ranger or a field guide in South Africa?

A number of these game ranger training courses are run at various game reserves and lodges throughout South Africa and you can pick from a wide range of options.


Simply devote two weeks of your time to field guide training and gain a deeper understanding of the African bush and its wildlife as you learn about the environment and the basics of how to be a tourist guide with this easy course which is ideal for students or those still choosing a career path.


Or take a month off and assist game rangers and you get involved with animal conservation projects , such as rhino tracking and anti-poaching resources or animal rehabilitation. You can learn about the South African reserve vegetation and how to protect it, help with game captures and counts and even learn more about astronomy.

These shorter courses will help you to gain a greater understanding of the African wilderness and the importance of conservation which can assist in many a career path from botany through to teaching. These short courses normally include meals, accommodation and training however you will work on a volunteering basis and the cost of the courses can be high as it is basically a focused, in-depth holiday.

However if you decide that you want to dedicate your life to Africa you will need to do a number of certification courses that will enable you to act as a lead game ranger or field guide at one of South Africa’s many luxury safari lodges.

This guest article was submitted by Janine Mare. Janine Mare is a travel and lifestyle writer who currently works as a blog and website writer for the South African Tourism Company 

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