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Kiwi picking season in New Zealand is starting soon!

New Zealand
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The start of our 2015 FRUIT PICKING SEASON in New Zealand

is just around the corner!


Fruit picking jobs (kiwi picking)

Starting date is planned for the 26th March.
We require 50-60 people and just work with our best contractors in the bay.
We work with only 2 main fruit picking contractors - there for we can ensure you to get paid fair and on time for your hard work.
Even better news, for the first weeks payment is hourly and will then go over to contract rate. Our contractors are the highest paying contractors in the area.


- working permit in New Zealand (working holiday visa or other)
- be able to commit the whole fruit picking season (until end of May/June)
- transport preferred ( we do have a work van available, but need about another 6 cars who can take 3-4 people)


Start getting organised now!
All work is FIRST IN FIRST SERVED ... If you miss out then you will go on a waiting list, and start when another space becomes available, this changes as people move on.

Give us a ring 0508 GUESTS (483-787) or visit our website for more information

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