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Our stay in Palampur / Dharamshala has ended today and we would like to give you all the feedback from our unforgettable and beautiful trip.


First of all, we are extremely satisfied of Ribha's welcoming and excellent organisation abilities throughout our 4 week stay. From the first to the last day, we felt that everything was very well handled by her and she has always been very helpful and available with any kind of issues that occurred during our stay.


Ribha is very enthusiastic about having foreign volunteers come to her and we hope she will be able to assist many other ones as she did with us. Overall we can say that her supervision was flawless.




Our mission in Palampur's KayaKalp treatment center was very enriching and interesting. We were able to meet, help and learn from many persons from many different backgrounds. The initiation to Ayurveda by Dr Ashutosh was amazingly new and mind blowing to us and we feel very privileged to have been able to receive daily lectures from him.




We thank you very much for your reply and send you are warmest greetings.

Jonathan & Vincent



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