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Taking a course or a training in conjunction with a paid internship abroad is by far the best way to maximise your international experience!


Students also find it easier to find work abroad by combining paid work with a course, as student visas allow international students to work 20hrs/week. Destinations that include Work and Study programs are : Argentina, France, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Paid work in Australia or New Zealand


Practical work-placement programs designed to provide you with professional experience in an area related to your field of study or the career you are working towards. The aim of providing industry-specific opportunities is to enable you to develop skills that will enhance your prospects of gaining meaningful employment, building your career and starting your future. Internships can be tailored to your individual needs by giving you the choice of industry, location, start date and duration.



Spanish + paid work in Argentina


Income : ARG $5000 / month


Combine 1 to 3 month Spanish course + 3 to 6 month paid jobin Hospitality (Buenos Aires). Alternatively you can work in a hostel around Argentina and get free accommodation in exchange for work. Condition : be over 18 years old and hold a working holiday visa for trips longer than 6 months. 


Service Excellence for Business in Canada


Average Gross Income 48 weeks (6 month part time + 6 month full time) : CA $15 000 


Students will complete an intensive curriculum that involves 24 weeks of in-class trainingwhere they will study topics such as problem solving, teamwork, communication... followed by 24 weeks of work experience


This internship will allow students to put the skills acquired in the classroom to use in a real-life context and will be in one of four areas: Event Coordination, Front Desk Services, Retail Services, or Food & Beverage Services.


Nanny Job + French courses in France


Average Gross Income for a part time nanny position (36 weeks) : 5000€


Our program in Paris offers the unique opportunity to learn French while working part-time as a nanny in a French family. You will be working 15hrs/week teaching English to children (wednesdays and evenings) and 15hrs/week studying French in Paris.Typical candidates are gap-year students, young graduates or young adults from all over the world. One semester (4 months) or whole year, 500 positions available starting every September and January.



- Internships and paid work placements are guaranteed and organised by local educational bodies

- Minimum salary (+tips if working in a restaurant)

- Working holdiday visa is not always required, student visas can be delivered when enrolling to one of these programs. 

- Freepackers offers free mediation - we help international students finding suitable programs to study and work abroad


Any questions? Please contact us to find out which program is for you!


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