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The common type of Scams A traveller must be aware of

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The common type of Scams A traveller must be aware of


When you are travelling abroad, you are new to the place you visit. Even if you consider yourself to be intelligent traveler, yet you may be caught down in a scammer’s game. Before travelling or going on a summer vacation, become familiar with these scams common in popular destinations.



1. The Taxi Meters

One of the most common scam in which travelers are dragged into. They see you’re a foreigner and they quote their own price instead of running meter. Always ask taxi drivers to start the meters before sitting inside the taxi and keep your Google map opened to check if they are taking the best route rather or dragging the route to charge you high amount.

2. The rose scam

Whether you call it a scam or not, someone may approach you and your partner with roses. Why? Because rejecting a rose while you are with your partner is difficult, but accepting those roses will burden up your pockets. So don’t feel bad. Instead buy a rose from a proper flower shop for your partner.

3. The hotel room inspection group

Be careful while you are in your hotel room. Two men in uniform may show up at your hotel room that they need to do inspection. One will most likely to distract while other goes for your valuable items.

4. The Hotel Minibar


There would be a mini bar scam welcoming you in your hotel room. Don’t eat them; they are most likely 4x or 5x times expensive than the actual market value. Instead don’t drink water bottles, as some hotels have set a quota of 1 bottle per day per person and extra consumption will cost you extra. It’s better to ask reception about water bottles before checking in.



5. The petition for charity

Be careful while walking. Someone comes to you claiming to be mute or deaf and asking you to sign a petition. Their hands nag ending up in your pocket while you are busy with your signature.

6. The peanut paid day

If you are ever in café or something and somebody walks up to you, forces peanuts on your table while insisting you to eat them, just remember they are not. They go to other table and if you have eaten the peanuts while they return, they expect payment.

7. The busting camera

Be careful if any local asks you to take a picture of them and camera does not work. Sometimes you try to return it, they will fumble it and make it fall and will ask for compensation.



8. Pickpockets

Someone will pretend to advice you about the pickpockets in the area. Their motive is to watch when you check wallet that you have it or not, so they can pickpocket it easily.

9. The fake police officers

Be careful, if a police officer offers to inspect your money because fraud cases are in circulation. When they hand you back you notice some of your money is missing.

10. The distracted cashier

If you go to a shop and you see a cashier distracted on a phone while you are swiping your card. Be careful they could be taking a picture of it to replicate it later.

11. Slow change

The cashier sometimes gives you cash back very slowly. You lose patience and accept whatever they give you. It is usually less than what you should be receiving.



12. The expensive rates


Sometimes at some outlets shopkeepers quote you higher prices of the goods as you are new around. Be careful, before going to mall or an outlet, check online rates and discounts available at shopping sites. Even take a discount voucher with you if possible.

13. Free airline ticketing

The travelers think they are getting free airline ticket. Sometimes it is on fake airline websites that travelers can claim 2 tickets if they click enclosed links and even forward it to friends but actually they get nothing for sharing a viral post.

14. The Photographers

You might face few extra friendly persons offering you to capture and print your photos at the very “moment” like during water sports, cliff jumping, etc. Like, they offer, $5 for a picture. Don’t fall for them, they take around 10-15 pictures and set conditions like its $5 for 1 picture for a person and get multiple prints. You get a bill of $150-$200 and you have to pay as they are the local people and you cannot mess up with the locals.

15. The Drug Dealers

One of the most common scams in which the young generation fell into. You might find tons of person asking you to buy cannabis, coke, or any other harmful drugs, they are mostly police informers. Please, please don’t fall for them. You will end up in jail and get deported from that country with a criminal record. You may also face a death penalty as some countries have set the harshest laws for drug users.




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