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There are many options available to overseas students when choosing the type of accommodation they want. Private managed accommodation can be a great alternative for overseas students who missed out on university owned accommodation. This type of accommodation is substantially more expensive as compared to university accommodation, but they are hassle free with some luxury items worth considering. Privately managed accommodations are built exclusively for students and they are situated in city locations, prime towns and near the university. These accommodations are home to thousands of overseas students since they offer a wealth of diversity to students from various courses, universities and countries. This grants them exposure to a wider variety of experience.

Privately managed accommodation accepts the applications from groups of friends coming from overseas who want to live together, married student couples or individual students. They also welcome applicants to choose the number of people a flat is shared with; this provides more flexibility and choice. Despite the expensive rents, these accommodations offer a package that includes internet access, laundry facilities and utility bills. All the rooms in the flat are on suite and each flat houses a common room and kitchen. Some residences have gyms and plasma TV’s, and the lease agreements can be extended to after university semesters. Overseas students living in privately managed accommodations benefit from full CCTV coverage, 24 hour security, transportation storage, bikes and increased independence. Most of these accommodations have hospitality teams whose mandate is to ensure student satisfaction, facility maintenance and high quality accommodation.

Other options available for students looking for accommodationStudent accommodation


a.) Parent owned student accommodation

Parent-owned student accommodations are very useful and many parents are now cashing in by buying properties near the university towns and renting them out to overseas students. This type of accommodation is slightly cheaper and if anything goes wrong, you can get in touch with landlord/lady. This is a great option for taking the hassle out of searching for house to rent. It is advisable to think it through beforehand so that you can have a clear idea of how some things will work.


b.) Renting a room in a private house
This will help you feel more at home and it is the most glamorous way when considering the type of accommodation you want. It's also a great way to save you money and there is a good chance that the owner of the house maintains their house well.


c.) House sharing
This is the best option for second year overseas students and beyond. Once you have completed your first year, chances are that you have made friends and you can move in with them in a rented house or flat. It is safer for overseas students to live amongst themselves and therefore they can choose a house where there is a high population of overseas students.

d.) Renting in a private flat on your own

This is also an option in case you miss all other options but this is not a great one. Renting in a flat can be more expensive and you might feel lonely since this type of accommodation does not attract overseas students.


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