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backpackers-working-holiday-visa.jpgIn all honesty, not all working holidays will take you across the world, but by starting small you may eventually achieve that goal. Working holidays are popular for mostly students, but any person can gain from it.


Working to gain experience


To enter the professional career world is not always as easy as it sounds. You may have a degree, but many companies require a certain amount of experience before you can work for them. The ideal solution will be to gain experience as an intern during holidays. By the time you graduate, you should have some experience to qualify for an entry level job.


Another popular option is to provide a service to the community while you have extra time on your hands. By offering assistance at a clinic or hospital, you can perform tasks that the personnel do not always have time for. This way they have more time to spend on patients and give quality attention where it is needed more. You can even volunteer at an old age home or soup kitchen. This way you can gain valuable experience in humanity and spread love to people who are most in need of it.


A working holiday can also consist of doing casual jobs in local stores and restaurants to earn funds for the next semester. Many students pay for their own studies and successfully complete their degrees while earning an income.




working holiday jobsIf you ever get the opportunity to travel while earning income, grab the opportunity and make the best of it. There are endless working holiday options worldwide from which you can choose. All you need is to fulfil the necessary requirements for each job. For certain jobs the employer will provide you with funds to reach your destination, while unfortunately for others you have to include transport expenses in your budget.


If you are good at working with children or people, you may consider being an au pair for a family.  Au pairs from different countries are popular as they can teach children different cultures. The best way to become an au pair is to sign up at an agency specialising in it. They will be able to connect you with a host family. Minimum requirements are usually drivers’ licence and international drivers’ permit, basic emergency care and good people skills. Be prepared to do not only childminding, but also housekeeping and sometimes at a minimum wage. It will all depend on the host family. Good communication is essential and both parties should be clear on the instructions and agree on it.


People who do not suffer from motion sickness have the option to get seasonal jobs on cruise ships. You will be required to work on the cruise ship for the duration of the trip. Work you will perform can be housekeeping, cooking, host or hostess jobs, or work in the onboard stores. You will receive instructions before the trip, but in reality you need to be prepared to assist where you are needed. This job will mainly require a valid passport, visa and working permit for the ships’ country of origin.

Another popular option is to visit a country of your choice for a certain period of time and do casual jobs in that country on a working holiday visa and earn an income. The income will mainly be used to pay for living arrangements and expenses, but if you plan efficiently, you will be able to make a profit while seeing the country. Requirements are a valid passport, local and international drivers’ permit and a WHV. Many countries require proof of permanent income from your country of origin and a specific amount of funds available in your bank account.


Then there is also the ever popular Kibbutz. Here you will work as a volunteer in a collective Israeli community. You will be required to plant and harvest food or whatever is required to provide for the community. You will be submitted to physical and hard labour without income, but will be provided with accommodation and food and the opportunity to see the Holy Land of Israel. A passport and visa is required for access into Israel.


Handy information


All these working holidays are available with private applications, but it is recommended to sign up with companies who specialise in these endeavours. They will be able to assist you with all the requirements and arrangements and provide you with all the relevant information you need to successfully complete your trip. Most importantly: enjoy every moment of it and savour the memories. Click here for more informations on Working Holidays jobs


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