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South Africa
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For most people, deciding what career they are going to pursue is one of the most difficult decisions they will ever make. However, it is also one of the most important decisions. If you have a passion for nature and animals, then perhaps you should consider becoming a safari specialist in Africa. This job will allow you to get extremely close to some of the most amazing creatures that currently walk this planet. Jobs such as travel agent and customer service representative are known for being repetitive. They do the exact same routine day after day. If you become a safari guide, you will definitely not have this problem. Every day will be a completely new adventure. This is primarily because you can't predict what animals you will see and how they will behave. So how do you go about becoming a safari guide in Africa and work with an outfit like Destinations Africa ? Here is how you can make your dream come true.




If you are serious about becoming a safari specialist, you would be advised to learn your craft from EcoTraining. They are a company based in South Africa that is now generally considered the best training facility for safari guides anywhere in Africa. Receiving you training from EcoTraining will almost certainly ensure you are able to find a job quickly after you have successfully completed the program. They provide several courses that are specifically designed to give you the skills you will need to overcome any situation you may encounter on safari. This will enable you to keep the tourists safe as you guide them in search of all the amazing wildlife that Africa has to offer.


Age and Physical Condition


First of all, it goes without saying that any person who is considering a job as a safari guide will need to be in top physical condition. You will be out in the unforgiving African heat for many hours at a time. The job also requires trekking great distances by foot in areas where vehicles are not able to be used. Because of the extreme physical demands for this type of work, young people are more ideal candidates. Most companies are looking to hire people under the age of 35. However, it is still possible to find work as a guide if you are older than this. There are various safaris that don't require as much strain on the body where older guides are often used.


Understand the Danger


This is not a job for the faint of heart. The danger posed by many of the animals you will encounter is very real. The possibility of being attacked is always there, however unlikely it may seem. Your training will teach you how to constantly be aware of your surroundings. You will be able to tell if a predator is stalking you. Training with firearms is mandatory so you can defend yourself and the people you are guiding. If you do not like guns, you may want to consider a different line of work. First aid training is also taught by EcoTraining during your course. This knowledge could potentially save your life.


Training Course


The basic training course that all safari guide hopefuls must complete at EcoTraining is 28 days long. Those individuals who complete the course will become a level one Field Guide. This basically means that you are qualified to be a safari guide, but you still do not have the knowledge that can only be gained by leading real safaris. Graduates are placed in various camps and lodges across the continent where they can start their job. If you are deemed to be one the better students in your class, you might be asked by EcoTraining to stay behind and teach the next batch of students.


Comprehensive Training


EcoTraining also offers a more comprehensive course that lasts for one year. Students will learn the necessary information to prepare them to take the Field Guide accreditation test. They will also be taught high level tracking, wilderness medicine, bushcraft skills, orientation and navigation. People who complete this course will have their choice of safari guide jobs anywhere in Africa. If you are interested, call a travel agent and book a flight to South Africa today.

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