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Learn English and work a Working Holiday Visa in Canada


Working-Holiday-jobs-CanadaMany job opportunities exist in Kelowna for Working Holiday students since the Government of Canada cancelled the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program and severely limited the Agricultural Worker Program earlier this year.


Working Holiday Program in Canada


This dynamic program offers employment opportunities in Kelowna and the world famous Okanagan Valley along with a full range of English as a Second Language programs.


Our school offers a selection of full and part time study options for Working Holiday students before, during or after their work experience in Canada. Programs include: Practical and Executive ESL, Cambridge certificates, Conversation and Pronunciation Classes, Private Tutoring and Bartending Certificates. Getting certified as a bartender almost guarantees you a job in the Rockies due to the number of hotels, resorts, pubs, clubs and wineries! Without a solid base in English it is unlikely students will find a job in Kelowna since the majority of the population are native English speakers unlike Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal where less than 60% speak English as a first language! We strongly recommends students take a Cambridge FCE course as this program focuses on business communication and resume and memo writing which will assist them in their job search in Canada.


Participants must study a minimum of 4 weeks full time at our school in order to receive complimentary job placement assistance which covers assistance with resume writing, interview techniques, opening a bank account and direction to local job search sites.  


A variety of employment opportunities exist in Kelowna due to the city’s resort designation, agricultural base and steady rate of growth. As a member of the Downtown Kelowna Business Association, the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association, Kelowna-Kasugai Sister City Association and Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs, our school is well connected with the local employment market.


Common areas of employment in the Rockies



Hotel/ Motel-front desk, housekeeping, restaurant

Ski Resorts-Lift operators, ski and snowboard instructors

Restaurants/ Pubs-kitchen help, sous-chefs, dishwashers, servers

Golf Courses-Maintenance and grounds workers

Wineries-front desk, tour guides, pickers

Orchards, Vineyards, Farms, Ranches-pickers, pruners, farm and ranch labourers

Construction and Building trades-Skilled and unskilled labour-(especially carpenters, bricklayers, framers,roofers) 

Retail shops-sales, stock.


Vehicle Purchase Assistance $350


Our staff will assist clients with locating a suitable used vehicle (usually at an auto auction or quality used car dealer) and with applying for insurance, arranging a mechanical inspection etc. Employers may require students to have an automobile as a condition of employment since employment locations may not be accessible on public transit. Obtaining an International Driving License is recommended before arrival in Canada.


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