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Working Holiday programs in Canada 


Has Canada been on your list of places to visit, but you’ve put the trip off because you fear the language barrier? Well, fear no more! With this package from Freepackers, you can learn English at our partner school, who is considered to be one of the leading English language schools in Canada. With over 15 years of experience in providing first-class English programs and paid jobs to international students and young professionals from all around the world, you can be assured of a quality education and a wide range of job placements to choose from.


There are two programs for you to choose from :



This program runs from a minimum of 2 months, with 1 month for your English course and 1 month for a paid job, all the way up to a maximum of 12 months – with a 24 week course + a 24 week paid job. 


The guaranteed paid work program runs over 8 months, comprising a 16 week English course and a 16 week paid job, all the way up to a maximum of 12 months – with a 24 week course + a 24 week paid job. If you choose the 24 month course, then we will help you with job placement for free!


Options in Working Holiday Program :


Our partner will help provide either a student residence or arrange for you to experience a home stay. Both choices have their plus points, so the decision boils down to the kind of experience you would like – a residence grants you an independent lifestyle, allowing you to mingle with your fellow students as and when, and with many residences in prime downtown locations you’ll be able to experience Canadian entertainment and nightlife. Meanwhile a home stay allows you to immerse yourself in Canadian culture and experience first-hand the diversity that Canada is so well known for. Whichever form of accommodation you choose, both help you practise your English in a social setting, which is an invaluable advantage.

Experience Canada.


We believe that cultural and social events contribute greatly to helping student’s successfully learn a new language. To that end, they regularly organise social activities and trips around Canada, with activities ranging from attending concerts and sporting events to climbing the beautiful Rocky Mountains or visiting Niagara Falls. We promise that there will never be a dull moment!

If you feel like pursuing further studies after you finish your program, our partner school also helps you with your college and university placement in Canada for free.



Our programmes are available to students aged 19 to 30 years old. All you have to do is choose your English programme up to four weeks before the course starts, which is every second Monday of the month. Remember to make sure that the duration for classes and the duration for work are the same – for example, 10 weeks of classes would be followed by 10 weeks of work. You can’t have one being longer than the other

These programs are available to Working Holiday Visa holders only, so hurry up and apply for yours!


Jobs available on a Canadian Working Holiday Visa

WHV jobs in Canada usually pay between $5-$15 per hour. Waitresses in Canada can earn up to $300- $400 per hour! Job opportunities in Canada range from ‘outdoorsy’ to professional and casual or seasonal.  Most Canadian Working Holiday Visa applicants work in seasonal jobs, such as snowboard instructors, or in hospitality and retail jobs.


Get ready to work in Canada...


Just remember that you must open a bank account before the date of your first paycheck from your work in Canada. Worked in Canada with a Working Holiday Visa? Then apply for a tax refund! The average tax refund in Canada is $1000 CAD.

So don’t waste time, apply now! The memories will last you a lifetime!

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