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Working Holiday : Tax Refunds from Australia

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Have you been employed in Australia on a working holiday visa? If so, you could be due a tax refund. and Freepackers have joined forces to provide you with a free Australian tax refund estimate.


The average Oz tax refund with is $2600 so it’s worth checking what you’re owed! files tax returns for thousands of 417 and 457 visa holders every year and guarantee the maximum legal tax refund. They can also get your superannuation refund for you when you leave the country.


The amount of tax you’ll get back from Australia depends on factors like:


  • How much you’ve earned
  • How long you’ve been working there
  • The type of work you did
  • If you were taxed incorrectly
  • If you’re deemed a resident or non-resident for tax purposes




During your first six months in Australia, you will be deemed a non-resident for tax purposes so your employer will withhold a non-resident tax rate from your wages.


A resident for tax purposes is generally defined as someone living and working in Australia for a minimum of 6 months. The following types of behavior are considered when determining tax residency status:


  • Continuous stay in Australia for example remaining in Australia during time off from work
  • The purpose of your visa (employment, studying, etc.)
  • Social ties within Australia


If you have overpaid tax, you can claim a tax refund.




Superannuation or ‘’super’’ is a system for employees in Australia to fund their income in retirement.  If you’re over 18 and earn more than $450pm before tax in Oz, then your employer must pay 9.5% of the value of your ordinary time earnings into a super fund on your behalf.


If you leave Australia and your visa expires or is cancelled, then you can claim a portion of this back! superannuation refunds average at about $3380. Remember to keep any details of your fund so you can easily apply for it when you leave Australia.


Australian Tax Facts


  • You need a TFN (Tax File Number) to work in Australia and apply for your tax refund
  • The Australian tax year runs from 1st July to 30th June
  • To file a tax return you need your PAYG or final payslip
  • The average Australian tax refund is $2600
  • The average superannuation refund is $3380
  • Get a no-obligation estimate of your refund here



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