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Seasonal jobs on a New Zealand Working Holiday

New Zealand
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Our Working Holidays experts in New Zealand


"The School was awesome, they helped me to find a job and to book activities. I have bungy jumped, skydived, ridden WHV-jobs/Horses, jet boated and had many parties. I don't want to leave Queenstown. It is paradise here."ANTONIO, BRAZIL.


New Zealand Job Club



Our Work & Travel Programs have been operating for over 10 years and currently assist over 4000 travellers a year.  Working Holiday makers will get 12 month access to online offers and on site assistance to find a job in New Zealand.   Exclusive updates on job availability - be the first person to be offered the position!  Also included: accommodation, airport pick up and mail redirecting service.


Learn English in New Zealand and get a paid job!


Working Holiday New ZealandWorking-Holidays-New Zealand

We are the leading educational experts for New Zealand with more than 70 affiliated educational bodies ranging from private institutes to universities, high schools polytechnics and English schools.  Our services are free, students pay directly the institute. Registration fees are protected by the New Zealand government. We are New Zealand Specialist certified agents and members of the ICEF Educational Group.


working holidays New Zealand

English course, Preparation for Exams TOEFL and IELTS.  Positions available in main cities and rural areas (farm stays) for Working Holiday Visa holders.  Recruitment agency on site to find working holiday jobs, internships, conservation placement, Barista Training, Au Pair Placement, etc.



What jobs are available on a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa?


New Zealand Visa jobs are usually paid between  $10 and $25NZD per hour. Visa for New Zealand jobs are mostly temporary or seasonal- perfect for manual workers! WHV Sectors: Farm work, contruction, catering, community services, local shops  and nannie positions Positions in hospitality, admin and salesare located in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. Jobs are also available in the public and tourist sectors. Seasonal workhas 5 major areas throughout New Zealand; Northland, The Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay, Marlborough and Central Otago.


Training and courses available for non New Zealand Working Holiday Visa 


  • Learn English in New Zealand and combine with activity packages (sports, arts, volunteer work, etc)
  • Work experience:   3 month Au Pair placement  and  New Zealand internships  (unpaid)
  • High school summer programmes


These programmes are flexible and can be started all year long with no age restriction, and require lower English skills.

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