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Work as an Au Pair in Australia

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Work as an Au Pair in Australia!


Come to Australia and fill the Au Pair gap! With hundreds of Aussie families looking for an Au Pair to help them with childcare and school support, this is a 100% guaranteed job that is available all across Australia! A good way to earn money and experience Australia, it is the perfect job to start a Working Holiday Visa with - quick and easy!


What does it entail?


Through Freepackers, you will be introduced to a selected family offering you an Au Pair job position. As a full time Au Pair, you’ll have to help out around the house with light chores, and assist in taking care of the children.  The working hours will be 25 to 40 hours a week, with weekends free, and your income will be between AU$150 to AU$240 a week, depending on the number of hours you put in. On top of this, the family will provide you accommodation with a private bedroom and access to all 3 meals daily

The work schedule is flexible, allowing you to make arrangements with the family you’re staying with. You can even take up a part-time job, like working in restaurants, or go out to enjoy the sights and sounds Australia is famed for, like the famed Great Barrier Reef or Sydney Opera House.


Getting Started.


Concerned that you’ll be overwhelmed when you reach Australia? No worries! Upon your arrival, there will be a welcome session, where you will go through an orientatation and be introduced to the family you’re staying with. There is a community website which you can access for extra information, and you can contact other Au Pairs via email as well.  You will also have access to information about travel, deals, visas, events, relationship, currency, shows, concerts and news.

Freepackers will contact you via email twice a month to make sure that you’re happy, and to check if you need any assistance. There’s also a 24 hour number that you can call in the event of an emergency.

At the end of your Au Pair job you can request for a Letter of Completion, if you have successfully met the minimum time of the agreement. This letter can be used as a reference for other such jobs in the future.


What do you need to apply?


All you need is to be able to communicate and write in basic English, and a Working Holiday Visa for Australia. As long as you have the above, you’re virtually guaranteed an Au Pairs job placement! So what are you waiting for? Apply for your Working Holiday Visa and send us your application to be an Au Pairs now, you’ll be in Australia before you know it!


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