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Work as a Nanny or a babysitter in a French family

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This programme provides you with the opportunity to teach and provide childcare services to French and expatriate families in Paris. Being a baby-speaker is a valuable and enjoyable experience for native-level English speakers planning to spend some time and work in France, and allows you to meet new friends, make lifelong connections and discover what makes the French so alluring.




As a nanny, your duties would involve looking after children between the ages of 3 to 12 years old during the week, as well as teaching them English through conversation and games. You’ll work from 5 to 20 hours a week, mostly after school hours from Monday to Friday, from about 4.30pm to 7.30pm.


Our partner is state-approved, and has designed specific teaching material to be used by nannies to facilitate early language acquisition by the children. Their mission, when it comes to teaching languages, is to teach it as a tool to communicate and not just a subject to study, with teaching methods based primarily on language immersion.


During your off hours, you can drink in the sights and sounds that are synonymous with France – enjoy our café culture, revel in the art found in the Louvre, visit the iconic Eiffel tower, and learn more about France and it’s culture of romance and passion.




If you become a baby speaker, you will have a declared job in France and will be entitled to French health insurance, with an hourly wage starting form EUR 13 up to EUR 20. You’ll also have access to career opportunities, such as an office position in a HR department, or as a team leader helping to organise events, an assistant-trainer for training sessions, and so on.




There are over 500 opportunities to work as a nanny in France. To apply, all you need is to be 18 and above, have some prior experience in teaching and handling children, and be an EU citizen.


Package Nanny Placement and French course


Another option available along with Nanny Placement is the French Language and Civilization Course, which is open to students of all levels. The programme has flexible study hours, which allows you to combine working as a nanny for a French family with taking French classes.


Taking French courses also allows candidates to obtain a student visa, which is required for non-EU citizens to study and work in France. This option is available to both EU and non-EU citizens.



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