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Pauline is looking for travel mates in Argentina!

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Join me on a work and travel project in Argentina!


◆ Who am I ?

My name is Pauline, I'm a 22-year-old French student and as such, I have a limited budget. During my last school years, I learnt how to save and not waste the little money I earned every month. And I know I'm not the only one in this case ! I love travelling! I've already been to New York and London to do internships. Every summer holiday I travel with my friends through Europe. That's why this offer caught my attention, and I thought I have to take the plunge !


◆ My motivations

- I love discovering new places. I enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds. Moreover, I've never been to Argentina!

- I am interested in doing : 1 month learning spanish + 3 months working. Thanks to the offer it would cost less than 400€ per month. This is approximately my usual budget in France. And the job is paid!

⁃ Amazing experience ⁃ I have already graduated in international business, and I am now studying foreign languages. I had the chance to improve my English when I was in NYC or in London, but I haven’t had the chance to practise my Spanish. I don't have plans for next year. So this experience abroad would be amazing : both the language course and the job will complete my work experience perfectly!


◆ Looking for travel mates!!

One of the conditions to get 50% off the program is to have minimum 5 people registering at the same time before July 31st. I’ve managed to get enough people interested, so join us on this great journey to Argentina!


Interested? Please email me :


FAQ Table - Work and Travel Argentina program 


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