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Why be a tradesman in Australia?

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What is A Tradesman in Australia?


A tradesman or trades person is a skilled manual worker in a particular trade or craft. Economically and socially, a tradesman's status is considered as a professional, with a high degree of both practical and theoretical knowledge of his or her trade. In cultures where professional careers are highly prized, there is a shortage of skilled manual workers, leading to lucrative niche markets in the trades.


Why be A Tradesman?


- Industry groups say the surge in wages for trades has been generated by higher demands for skilled tradespeople not only in Australia but worldwide 1226423264008 )


- Your salary continues to increase. With many careers, income is limited by the hours in the day that you can work. With a trade qualification, the more you learn and develop your skills, the higher your earning capacity will become. You can be self-employed, start your own company and employ other skilled tradespeople to work for you, increasing your income greatly. (,


- A strong career pathway. Learning a trade is just the beginning, you can go on to study a Diploma of Building & Construction or obtain your Builders’ Registration and become a property developer. There are so many opportunities for growth in an industry which is always in demand.


- One of the sexiest profession voted by females in Australia ( )


How do you become A Tradesman?


The course provider Silver Trowel Trade Training can lead your pathway to a great future for the following reasons :


- Silver Trowel has been established in Western Australia for ten years and our focus is and has always been, on the construction industry. We provides high quality, nationally accredited, and internationally recognized training.The first college to deliver a range of building & construction trade courses to international students.


- We have hundreds of International Students enrolled from over 40 countries around the world.We not only train international students but are also contracted to the Western Australian Department of Training and Workforce Development to deliver training to Australian apprentices.


- We firmly believe that there are no shortcuts to quality education and training. We deliver quality education and training that is vital to skill base required to be a successful tradesman.


- Our courses are all delivered to the highest standard from our state-of-the–art training facility in Cannington, about 10kms from Perth City Centre. 


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