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If you are planning to have an exciting, educational and fulfilling travel experience in Thailand, it is a good idea to participate in volunteer work. Volunteer work does not only provide valuable assistance to local communities; it also gives you a more profound insight into the lives of the Thai people. There is an extensive variety of volunteering projects available in Thailand , ranging from teaching English to protecting animals, and you should have no trouble finding one that meets your preferences. Here is a guide on how to do volunteer work in Thailand….




Overview of Thailand


Thailand is located in the southeastern part of Asia, and it shares borders with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. It is a geographically diverse country, with lush mountains in the northwestern region and pristine beaches in the south. Due to its natural beauty, rich history and culture, and excellent tourism infrastructure, it is one of the most visited countries in Asia. Thailand is one of the few countries that have never been colonized, and it is presently under the rule of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the longest-reigning monarch in the world. More than 90 percent of its population regard themselves as Buddhists, but there are sizable communities of Muslims in the south.


Traveling and Living in Thailand


Thailand is one of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world, and it is also a highly favored retirement destination. It has all the modern amenities needed for a comfortable life, and its cost of living is comparatively low. It is very easy for foreigners to get tourist and work visas, which is one of the reasons why there are so many foreigners living long-term in the country. Thailand is generally a safe place to travel and live, and most Thai people are very welcoming to foreigners.


If you are a volunteer in Thailand, the organization that you are working with will most likely make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that you have a comfortable stay. However, it is important that you learn some basic Thai as most Thai people have little knowledge of English.


Before you leave for Thailand, you have to make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage, which can be invaluable in the event that you fall ill or sustain injuries while you are there. Certain types of health insurance for students provide overseas coverage, and you may not need to purchase a separate travel policy if you have a student health insurance plan.


Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand


Thailand has a very well-developed volunteer travel industry, and there are hundreds of programs available for you to choose from. Some examples of volunteer work that you can do in Thailand include teaching English to minority tribes and refugees, conserving nature and educating the locals about environmentally-conscious practices, offering healthcare assistance to underprivileged groups and protecting and rehabilitating animals. When you are choosing a volunteer program, you should take your own interests and skill sets into consideration. Becoming a volunteer is a great way to travel and live in Thailand. It gives you the opportunity to travel off the beaten path and create your own unique Thai experiences.


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