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If you’re a fan of both the awesome power of Mother Nature as well as ancient mysteries, you’ll love Peru. Set in South America, it is not only home to a section of the Amazon rainforest, it is also rife with the myths and folklore of the Incan people. Explore the rich history of the Sacred Valley, hike or bike the Inca Trail, and ponder the conspiracy theories behind the desertion of the city of Machu Picchu.


The rewards go both ways however. While you benefit enormously from learning the Peruvians’ culture, history and knowledge, you also have a unique opportunity to give back to the local community by filling a critical gap in education and community development in the lively city of Cusco. Volunteer and help the local people, especially underprivileged children, through different workshops and activities. This can range from teaching English and writing, to leading them through the arts of painting, music, and drama. You can also help make their lives healthier by coaching them in sporting activities. Bring your knowledge, skills, and warmth, and in return we guarantee you one of the most satisfying experiences of your life.


All volunteering projects start on Monday, so do plan to arrive in Cusco on Friday, as you have a Welcome Package at our partner’s hostel, which is strategically located in the Heart of Cusco, only two blocks from Plaza De Armas, and includes 3 nights’ accommodation.

The cost of volunteering in Cusco starts at €250 per person per week, and all programs include: a donation of U$60.00 for two-week programs and U$120 for 4-week programs; arrival transfer; breakfast during the volunteering weeks; a 3-night Welcome Package; accommodation during the Volunteering weeks; a day tour to the Sacred Valley; and 2 hours’ horseback riding. Those extras that are not included are lunch and dinner during the volunteering weeks, and daily transportation to and from the project (if it isn't walking distance from the Hostel).




Art Workshop

In these workshops, you will carry out different activities that allow children to develop their creativity and express their feelings through drawings and paintings. A basic level of Spanish is required, and you will need to stay a minimum of two weeks. You’ll have to commit to at least Monday to Friday from 9am - 12pm or 3pm - 7pm, but if you are interested in working more hours, you can easily arrange this on location.


School Support in Peru

Your task is to assist children who are falling behind in their courses, or have learning difficulties. You require at least an intermediate level of Spanish, and have to stay a minimum of two weeks. Minimum workload is from Monday to Friday from 9am - 12pm or 3pm - 7pm, but if you are able to work more hours, this can be arranged on location.


Reading Workshop

You will help children in reading & comprehension so that they can improve their grades as well as develop a taste for reading books. An intermediate to advanced level of Spanish is required, as well as a minimum of 2 weeks’ stay. You’ll need to commit to working at least Monday to Friday from 9am - 12pm or 3pm - 7pm. If you would like to work more hours, this can be arranged on location.


Play Centre

Help children build problem-solving and social skills, and advance their psychomotor development by playing games with them. You will be required to have a basic grasp of Spanish, and stay for a minimum of two weeks. Work from Monday to Friday from 9am - 12pm or 3pm - 7pm minimum, or arrange on location to extend your hours.


Cultural Centre, Peru

Depending on your own personal skill set, you can work at the Cultural Centre for Adults, teaching music (guitar), the arts (handicraft or fashion design), or a language (English, French or Portuguese). An intermediate level of Spanish is required, and the stay should be at least two weeks. At minimum, you should work from Monday to Friday from 9am - 12pm or 3pm - 7pm. If you choose to commit to more hours, you may arrange this on location.


So sign up now to enjoy the cultural experience of a holiday in Peru, and help out the people of Cusco in whatever way you can.

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