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Would you like to know how to volunteer abroad?  Our volunteer programme range has been carefully selected to match the following criteria:



  • We have on site experience and in depth knowledge of the projects
  • Be sure that your financial contribution will be used to fund the project
  • You will be involved in hands on tasks so you can acquire more competences 
  • Participants have the choice of duties and can start at any time of the year.


Volunteer projects in South Africa


volunteer-animals-AfricaOur registered non‐profit organization (NPO) assists communities and supports conservation projects around South Africa. We are are supporting projects by providing them with volunteers, assistance with building projects and funding raised by volunteers. In exchange, the volunteer contributes to community development, experiences South African culture, enjoys travelling and makes new friends!


Volunteer projects in Asia


volunteer-children-asiaOur registered charity supports community based projects in Thailand. As a social enterprise, we apply commercial strategies to maximise improvements to human and environmental issues. Our friendly staff have guided almost 3,000 international volunteers around Thailand. Volunteer projects involve building children centres and hospitals, helping at elephant camps and teaching English.


Volunteer projects in India


volunteer-IndiaOur social enterprise is committed to providing an extraordinary volunteer experience : whether it’s leading a workshop in the community taking the lead on a building project or standing at the front of a classroom and teaching English, our volunteers will be helping to give underprivileged people in India the skills they need to improve conditions in their communities. 




- Climb kilimanjaro and volunteer in Kenya/Tanzania (available summer 2015)
- Volunteer and activities in Cape Town (city tours, shark diving, wine region, surf lessons etc)
- Multi-projects (2-3 projects with travels in South Africa AND Thailand)
- Volunteer and adventure in India (yoga, backwater cruise, temple…)
- Volunteer and dive in Fiji (Padi certificate)




Language course + volunteer placement


volunteer-abroadTo encourage exchanges between all participants, a basic knowledge of the local language is desirable but not essential. There is also a number of volunteer programmes that offer a language course alongside or before the placement. Check out our packages that include language course, volunteer work, accommodation et transports: 


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