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Our ethos being "developing together", our aim is to support local communities in developing countries whilst empowering volunteers to gain life-changing educational experiences through cultural immersion, social engagement and challenging adventures.


Our custom group projects are available all year round in all project locations from one week up to 2 months, so you can choose your own project start date and duration! Itineraries and dates are flexible for group projects of 8 or more people and your Team Leader goes free!


Every group and project site is different. We organize a consultation with local communities and group leaders every time we run a project. Although we try and keep the cost to participants as affordable as possible, we also try to maximise the funding available to each and every community project we support.


Get started with your own volunteer project


Email for details and sample custom itineraries based on your group size, travel dates, duration of stay, and activities you would like to include. We can also arrange a Skype call or a meeting to discuss the type of project that would best match the dynamics of your team.


Once you have chosen your destination and departure date, you will need to fill in an Application Form with all your contact info and travel document details. Before you apply please make a note of the project name, the start date and how long you want to volunteer for, so you can enter the details along with your personal information.

After we receive the fee for your project, we will send you a pre-departure e-mail with information on how to book flights, travel insurance, inoculations, visas and airport transfers. The devil is in the details, so rest assured that we are constantly on hand to help you out. Do take note that flights are not included in the project cost.


Also, don’t forget to include your emergency contact details. It’s important to review or print off a fresh set of trip notes before departure just in case there have been any updates that you need to be aware of.


The Total Cost of your Project is split into 2 areas:


(1) The Deposit is to cover all your pre-departure support costs, arrangement of your volunteer project and all overheads associated with setting up and supporting you as a participant, including public liability insurances for your activities with us overseas. This can be made via bank transfer or via Paypal. This non-refundable deposit is the same for all of our projects, and is required for your place to be confirmed and for us to finalize everything on the ground prior to your arrival.


(2) Your Project Balance covers your airport transfer, food, accommodation, 24/7 crew support, project materials and other resources that enable us to assist with community development, education and health initiatives. You have the option to pay this via bank transfer or PayPal.


You also have the option raise the project money via Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving direct. We will assist you in setting up your fundraising page.  You will need to commit to reaching the minimum target at least 60 days prior to your trip. If you apply within 60 days of your intended start date then the total cost of the project comprising the Deposit and Project Balance will have to be paid in full upfront.

Support and Guidance

There is a lot to get organised and it’s very important that you give yourself enough time to get sorted.  You will need visas, inoculations, flights, travel insurance, and airport transfers. To put your mind at rest, we will advise you on all these details in the pre-departure email that we will send you when you book your trip.

If you get stuck on any of your travel plans, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at


An overview of available group projects


Freepackers invites large groups of backpackers from all around the world to volunteer in one of the following group projects. Choose from a wide variety of locations across the world. From South East Asia to Peru and the rural communities of Africa, we have a project that will suit your group! Whether your group wants to be a part of a building and construction project in Ghana, an English teaching project in South Africa or be part of an essential healthcare team in India, we have an option for you.



Enrol in an education or sports project in Ghana, and get to know a local community over the summer months. If building and construction is more your thing, volunteer for one of the construction projects starting from July every year.



If you and your group want the chance to help improve a rural community and build something that will last a lifetime, join one of the building projects in Kenya that run every July. Help build schools, community buildings and even hospitals for the local people and feel great about working whilst you travel. Feeling extra adventurous?  Take the Kilimanjaro Challenge and climb Africa's highest mountain in the name of charity! This challenge only runs in August, so make sure you book your project for that period of time.


South Africa

Become a volunteer in South Africa's beautiful city of Cape Town. Educate children, take part in a healthcare project or even get involved in building and construction during the summer.



Work as a group in the West African country of Tongo and experience a lively culture and great community spirit along the way! Choose from teaching projects as well as construction and building opportunities, for the ultimate in group volunteering! Tongo is a country steeped in history, and while you educate children as part of your volunteering experience, you are bound to receive an enriching education yourself.



Improve the lives of an entire community by developing sanitation and education systems in the East African country of Tanzania. Assist resident teachers in schools by organising activities for children, while building bathrooms and water tanks. A truly rewarding group volunteer project that you and your friends will be talking about for years to come.



Volunteer in the African country of Uganda, and work within one of the most diverse communities in the world! You and your group could be a part of a project that not only works with the local people in villages across the country, but also with the amazing and varied native wildlife.




Have the experience of a lifetime by trekking parts of the ancient Inca trail, climb the towering peaks of the Andes mountain range, and explore the ruins of Machu Picchu. At the same time, you can get involved in building projects and change the lives of local rural communities. Definitely a project that more adventurous groups will not want to miss!



The island of Fiji in the South Pacific is possibly one of the most beautiful and idyllic places on earth, offering visitors a great place to explore both the landscape and the colourful, gregarious culture that exists among its people. Sadly, far from being the paradise that most tourists get to experience, most of the locals live in poverty. Volunteering here, you would be able to give back to the Fijians as a way of saying thank you.



Why not volunteer with a group of friends in one of the most exciting countries in the world? Your group can volunteer among a community in rural Thailand, help in a local elephant sanctuary or even teach English in local education centres- the choices are endless!


The perks

·         Transport will be available on arrival at the airport

·         Weekends will be free for you to explore and travel your desired country

·         Two meals a day will be provided. This is included in the cost of your project.

·         Accommodation will be in a location close by to your project, as well as to all the local amenities

·         You and your group will be making a real difference to a community and individual lives


Prerequisites and restrictions:

·         You must volunteer for a minimum of 2 weeks

·         Flights, insurance and visas are NOT included in the price

·         Weekend activities can be pre-booked before the project embarks but are not generally included

·         All volunteers must be over 18 and mentally and physically fit



We look forward to helping you book your project. The possibilities are endless! Bon Voyage!

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