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Embarking on the Adventure of a Lifetime? Whether it’s for School or For Work, Making Sure You’re Covered


Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of living and learning in a different country. Perhaps you’re dissatisfied with your 9am to 5pm work life, and want to work with your hands, the way people have worked for generations. Perhaps you simply cannot stand by and watch the news while people in far off lands suffer the privations of poverty or natural disaster, and feel called to help them.

This is the chance you’ve been waiting for, the goal you’ve been working towards, and you have to seize this chance with both your hands and all your heart.

That doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of yourself, and make sure you’re taken care of.


Plan Ahead


Nobody wants to think about it, but on every adventure, there will be risk; even when it’s a place close to home. And the price of risk, in a different country, with different customs and laws, maybe even a different language, can be much higher than you would ever imagine.

A single pickpocket could rob you of all your documents, and there you would be stuck in a foreign country with no identification to get back home, and no cash to pay for your hotel bill!

A mix-up by the airline, losing your luggage, or delaying a flight, may throw your carefully planned budget in disarray.

An accident, or a stroke of bad luck, and you might be injured or ill, in a foreign country, with no idea how you will pay for your medical bills, or how you would get home, if you’ve missed your flight.

That’s why, after planning your trip, you should research your options for insurance carefully. You may have a local insurance plan that would not provide coverage at all should something happen while you are overseas. You may have bought travel insurance that doesn’t cover travel to this particular country. You may be looking for insurance that will cover a group of your friends and family, or your students.


Your Best Option


We have the most varied and most competitively priced plans, suitable for all, whether you are a solo traveller looking for basic coverage, or the leader of a group seeking comprehensive plans, to the discerning traveller, for whom only the best is acceptable.


All our packages include access to our 24-hour Assistance Center, which has toll-free numbers available from all over the world, and which provides multilingual help and advice to you in your time or need. Our trained professionals will be able to provide assistance to you in your travel or medical troubles, helping you track your luggage, find a good doctor or hospital, give you emergency cash or legal advice.


Easy and fuss-free


We have a simple and stress free claims handling process, with multi-lingual claims filing instructions for your ease and comfort.  The average processing period for our claims is 10 working days, and most of the claims made are settled directly between the medical service provider and the claims office, so you enjoy peace of mind with minimal hassle.

We work only with A-rated insurers to ensure that you get the best possible quality in policy writing and claims handling. We provide worldwide coverage, and provide this coverage to people of any nationality. If adequate insurance coverage is a condition of your visa, then rest assured that our insurance plans meet, or even exceed, all visa requirements.


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