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The Top 4 Seasonal Jobs In Australia

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While there’s never a bad time to look for work in Australia, there are some jobs that are in higher demand in specific seasons, making them great for working holiday makers that want to travel around the country and make some money. Below are some prime examples of seasonal jobs in Australia that you should consider.



Many working holiday makers work in Australia as a bartender. Bar jobs are kind to working holiday makers because of the seasons; in the peak summer months, bars are packed, so more pairs of hands are needed, but during winter in the southern cities, the bar scene quietens down considerably as tourists disperse, making it an ideal time to head north for work or to travel. An important thing to remember is that you can’t work in any bar in Australia without a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate, so make sure you get this under your belt first.



Fruit Picking

Dictated by the seasonal harvests, fruit picking is great for temporary workers or those looking for regional work to get their Second Working Holiday Visa. Mango season is huge from September – November in the Northern Territory and November – February in Queensland, when travellers are heavily called upon. Bananas are picked all year round in these two states as well. Other fruits include grapes, melons, apples, avocados and strawberries and vegetables at different times of the year, making fruit picking the most iconic seasonal job in Australia.



Ski Resorts

Yes, parts of Australia do get snow in winter, and during the season, ski resorts in New South Wales and Victoria are hiring for a variety of roles including ski patrol, lift operators, ski and snowboard instructors, chefs, bartenders and wait staff to support the influx of visitors and snow sports enthusiasts. The season can run for as long as five months from June to October, and the most popular resorts are Mt Buller, Thredbo and Falls Creek.




The warm ocean waters of north Western Australia, the Northern Territory and North Queensland are where you will find pearl farms. Due to the warm temperatures, things grow at a much faster rate, including oyster pearls, and it is from April/May – September/October that these pearls are harvested. A challenging job, the day starts early, the hours are long and it’s smelly, but perks include the people, the adventure, the wildlife and the freedom of working for two weeks straight on the farm and then heading back on the mainland for a week off. For working holiday makers, it also enables you to make a lot of money in a short space of time without needing to spend any.


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