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If you are looking for something different, then Peru is the perfect place to fulfill your expectations.



Lima is a city with loads of advantages. First of all, its historical center is registered at the Unesco. Indeed, it is one of the bigger colonial heritage in South America. People who are crazy about History will not be disappointed. Also, Lima is a gastronomic capital all around South America. Go to Barranco district to discover Peruvian flavors in one of the numerous bars and restaurants.


Arequipa the white city

Arequipa is a true crush! Located at 2 300 m of height, this city is both dynamic and historic and records more than 300 sunny days per year. Do not forget to visit the Santa Catalina monastery! After visiting the city you should go to discover the Colca Canyon, the deepest in the world. During this tour you get the opportunity to see the blue river and also some condors and some cute quechua villages.


The lines of Nazca

Somewhere along the Pacific coast, in the south of Peru there is one of the biggest enigma in the world: the lines of Nazca and Palpa. This archaeological treasure has been registered at the Unesco since 1994 and has been created 1 500 years ago by Nazca and Paracas civilizations. We can see some animals or geometric shapes but anyone knows the meaning of these lines. It can be an irrigation system or a calendar or a landing runway for UFOs. Anyway, if you like supernatural phenomenon definitely you have to go there!


Titicaca Lake

Natural frontier between Bolivia and Peru, it is an essential step of your trip. It is the higher navigable lake located at 3 800 m of height. The tour begins with the discovery of floating Islands Uros. They are artificial islands built with totora the local reed. Below on the natural islands Amantani y Taquile you can sleep at the inhabitant and share for one night the life of the local population.


Cusco, the mythical city

The city is one of the main touristic attractions in Peru because it is a fundamental step before going to Machu Picchu. Feel free to explore the treasures of the city and strolling along the streets of the San Blas district. Then after having a coffee in one of the numerous cafés of the Plaza de las Armas you can go for visiting the valley and its villages and its archaeological sites.


Machu Picchu at the heart of the sacred valley

Sitting at the top of a mountain hidden into the jungle, the Machu Picchu is the biggest inca vestiges. It was the secondary place of residence of nobles and priest. The access was difficult but now you can reach the Machu Picchu by bus or you can climb the 1 000 stairs. Go discovering the jewels of the Incas civilization. Bring out the Indiana Jones in you!


The White Cordillera

The national park Huascarán is the perfect location for people who like climbing or hiking. The park is huge and is offering you numerous possibilities to make the most of your trip. If you are lucky you can see some free llamas in wonderful scenery.


The North

It is in the neighborhood of Trujillo and Chiclayo, in the north of the country, that the most beautiful inca vestiges can be found. Chan Chan is the biggest adobe city in the world. Do not miss the Huaca Rajada, they are the vestiges of Señor de Sipan’s tomb at Chiclayo named city of friendship.


The Pacific coast

The Peruvian coastline is a really nice place for people who want to enjoy the sun. It is also one of the best place for surfing with 2 500 km of coast. The best spots are in the north of the country with Mancora, Zoritos and Punta Sal beaches. After visiting the archaeological sites you can enjoy the sun lying on a sun lounger tasting a ceviche or drinking a Pisco Sour.


Welcome to the Jungle!

The tour takes place in Amazonia at Iquitos in the North or Puerto Maldonado in the South. Like Indiana Jones you are an adventurer in the Amazon Forest. A guide with native backgrounds will accompany you on your tour. He shares with you all his knowledge about the local wildlife. You can enjoy many activities such as: fishing piranha or observing anaconda or swimming with pink dolphins.  For sure you will not forget this amazing trip!


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