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English Programmes in Canada





Programme structure 


  • You will receive a test and certifcate at the end of the course
  • Small classes are compulsory to ensure maximum focus on students
  • There are 17 levels of English courses to choose fromand average 4 weeks per level
  • Canada-working-holiday-visa.jpgCambridge test is completed every two weeks to assess your progress
  • The courses are tailored to increase your pace when learning
  • Choice of city to learn English in: Toronto or Vancouver 
  • World-recognised exam boards are used; TOEFL / IELTS / Cambridge courses
  • Accomodation is offered to students from all over the world when studying
  • Minimum of two weeks study per course. 
  • Accommodation (homestays or student residence) and airport transfers can be organised
  • Looking for paid work in Canada? Check our Working Holiday Programmes




You can study English in Canada on a Working Holiday Visa, or apply for a study visa and learn a new language whilst travelling in Canada. In order to apply for a study visa, you will need to prove that you have the funds to support your study whilst staying in Canada, which might make a short English programme a better option for those concerned about budgeting whilst abroad. 



Our partner school in Toronto and Vancouver


Our partner is a leading English language school in Canada and one of the most successful English schools in the world.  With over 15 years of experience in providing first-class English programs, they attract students and professionals from all over the world. They also  provide safe and affordable accommodation, exciting trips, activities and free university placement.  We are honoured when past and present students tell us how we have changed their lives. Come study in Canada and give us the opportunity to change yours too.


Testimony from international students in Canada



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Withdrawal Policy
If you are denied a visa, you are entitled to receive a FULL REFUND (less program registration fee and all bank transfer charges) if you are unable to obtain lawful entry to Canada for the purpose of studying at ILAC. You must provide the letter from the Canadian Embassy stating that your Visa to enter Canada was denied. Once you receive a visa or if a visa is not required, you must first provide a written letter including a sufficient reason for withdrawing. You must demonstrate that your stay in Canada is lawful or that you will be leaving the country. We will require proof that you are attending another school that meets the visa requirement, and we will require proof that your Visa status is lawful. If you have a student visa, you will have to re-apply for a new Visa. Students who have applied through an agent must contact the agent for a refund. We will require proof that you are leaving the country early by showing a photocopied plane ticket. Once you have started studying, the first 4 weeks of your tuition and homestay are non-refundable.

Please note that refunds may take up to 8 weeks to process. There are no refunds for students changing programs. Students who have obtained their visa with the help of a letter of acceptance from ILAC and a conditional letter of acceptance and/or supporting letter to a Pathway Program institution will be expected to complete their English language training at ILAC and not be eligible for a refund. Refunds are calculated based on the unused portion of your tuition (regular brochure prices will be charged for the used portion) according to the table below: (For the accommodation portion, we require at minimum a 2-week written notice for any changes, cancellations, or postponements. Otherwise a 2 week accommodation fee will be applicable and the homestay placement fee is not refundable).

From 2 weeks prior to start date up to 10% of course completed 60% refund
Up to 30% of course completed 40% refund
After 30% of course completed

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