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Spending your money overseas with a prepaid card

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Before you get packing, it’s important to consider your financial situation. Knowing how much money you have is essential, and making sure that you’re getting the best exchange rate possible can save you a lot of money. Even stacking up your wallets with foreign currency can be nerve-wracking, and if you’re jetting off alone, you want to make the details as stress-free as possible. That is why when it comes to spending your money overseas, Caxton FX, a multinational foreign exchange and payments provider, has the answers to your money worries.


Travel light with Caxton FX currency cards




The Caxton FX prepaid cards have all the convenience of a debit card while getting you better exchange rates with no fees. You can lock into excellent exchange rates every time you use it abroad. Spend freely in shops, restaurants, and outlets and don’t worry about paying fees ever again. You can also withdraw money at ATM machines without being charged a thing! And when you start to run low, simply reload your card online, by SMS, with the Caxton FX App, or over the phone.


Having a Caxton FX card means Freepackers members are entitled to a secondary card. This is a convenient option for both parents and students. The parent, acting as the primary account holder can load the secondary card from their home and gain full control of the child’s/family member’s spending under one account. So there is no need for worry if your child runs short of money abroad. To claim, order your card online and email with your full name and reference code (you’ll receive this when you order the card online).


For overseas travellers, there are three types of currency cards available for you.


Global Traveller - for multiple destinations

Dollar Traveller - travelling in countries that accepts US Dollars

Euro Traveller -  travelling to the Eurozone


Each card will allow you to top up an amount in sterling and load using a UK debit card either online, over the phone or via SMS.


Control your money on the go…


To make sure you’re always loaded and have enough balance on your card, the travel app is designed to give you control of your money when you’re on the move. Just open the Caxton FX app, enter the amount you want to top up and you'll see the exchange rate. The new balance will show on your account immediately. You can also access your balance and transaction history. So, whether you’re exploring the South African wildlife, or getting your teaching qualification in Japan, don’t forget to pack your Caxton FX currency card for simple, hassle-free spending abroad to complete your experience.

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