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Round the World ticket fares

Round the World flights are undoubtedly the most economical and flexible way to travel in several countries over a period of 12 months, making them perfect for those on a Working Holiday Visa. Prices will vary depending on departure dates and destination, but on average a Round the World ticket will cost around £2000 inclusive of all taxes.The cost of a round the world ticket will also vary, depending on the number of destinations and the distance travelled.


  • Up to €1,500 will get you 3 or 4 stops including Asia or USA
  • From €1,500 to €2,000 will get 6 or 7 stops including Asia, Australia, New-Zealand and USA
  • €2,500 upwards can easily add in Latin America and or South Africa, or you could customise your own itinerary.


How do Round the World flights work?



  1. Choose the destinationsthat you would like to visit
  2. Find activitiesto do when you’re there
  3. Decide your durationfor each country
  4. Round the world tickets are generally valid for a 12 month durationand are completely flexible– you can change your travel dates any number of times
  5. Round the world tickets are uni-directionalsono U-turn during the trip


Practical tips


  • Avoid trying to do too much, otherwise you'll end up spending all of your time travelling...
  • Beware of advertised prices. Most round the world tickets advertised at less than €1000 do not include taxes and offer departure dates at low-season.
  • Check the visa procedures for each country and don’t forget to take out travel insurance for the duration of your trip!
  • Domestic flights: it’s strongly advisable to book low-cost tickets on site as prices are unbeatable if booked in advance.


Where can I book my Round the World Ticket ?

Working Holiday Visa and English speaking countries are served by the airline consortium Oneworld which is made up of British Airways, Quantas Airlines, Cathay Pacific etc. In Europe, their Round the World tickets depart from London.

There is no need to move country, however, as you can now plan your round the world trip on the Oneworld website and even book your ticket online. The site provides a flight planner which will calculate the cost of your round the world ticket depending on your chosen destinations - it’s quick and easy!


A sample Round the World ticket

Flight 1 - London - Bangkok: Travel through Malaysia to Singapore

Flight 2 - Singapore - Cairns:Travel along the east coast of Australia to Melbourne

Flight 3 - Melbourne - Christchurch:Travel through the 2 islands of New Zealand to Auckland

Flight 4 - Auckland - Fiji

Flight 5 - Fiji - Los Angeles:Then cross the United States to New York

Flight 6 - New York - London


This itinerary is well thought-through and includes everything that a traveller would expect from a trip around the world, from the adventure and cultural riches of South-East Asia, the beaches, surfing and barbecues of Australia and the stunning landscapes and extreme sports of New Zealand to relaxing in the hammocks and tropical rain forests of Fiji. Finally, you can also enjoy the shopping, cinema and cosmopolitan cities of the United States. What more reason do you need to enquire about round the world flights today?

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