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New Zealand
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New Zealand is a country of diversity; from immense beaches, sand dunes, mountains and lakes to glaciers, jungle and fjords, there’s truly something for everyone visiting New Zealand! Count on at least one month to do the essentials. To see everything on both islands, you will need at least two months.


It is possible to visit the 2 islands in less time, provided that you either:


  • Take a domestic flight on the return leg : eg. Start in Auckland in the north and take a domestic flight from the south to return to Auckland.
  • Depart from a different city. For example, you travel out Paris-Auckland and return Christchurch-Paris.


North Island, New Zealand



Considered the cosmopolitan Island, the North Island is vibrant and attractive to those who love a city break as well as a beach retreat when they are visiting New Zealand.


Auckland and Bay of Islands

This is a body of 144 islands, with sheep roaming the roads and dolphins off the coastline. It is possible to rent bicycles to explore the stunning tropical vegetation and savour the turquoise waters.


The Rotorua Region

A land of volcanoes and geysers, this is also the birthplace of Maori culture. There is no shortage of beautiful countryside, with the possibility of excursions by kayak or on foot. Extreme sports include skydiving over the lake Taupo, as well as white water rafting. And to relax, try the natural hot water springs, a real treat!


Lake TaupoWellington

The political and cultural capital of New Zealand, Wellington, is bursting with colonial architecture and the best museums in the country. The botanical gardens are well worth a visit.


South Island, New Zealand


WHV New ZealandWith several departures a day from Wellington, it takes around one and a half hours to travel by ferry to South Island (Picton).  It is South Island that contains the most impressive scenery in New Zealand, with the most famous being the Franz Joseph Glacier and Milford Sounds magnificent fjords, as well as mountains and lakes nestled around Queenstown. It is therefore advisable to devote the maximum amount of time here. 



Abel Tasman National Park

There are several ways in which you can explore this most stunning National Park: on foot, by boat or kayak. Camping is also possible. The countryside is truly magnificent and bordered by beaches of black and golden sand.




West Coast Attractions


These deserted beaches seemingly go on forever, bordered by tropical rainforests. You simply must see the Pancake Rocks of Punakaiki, which are rocks sculpted by erosion into a pile of pancakes!











Christchurch and the East Coast

The capital of South Island, Christchurch, is the most English city in New Zealand. Its many green spaces and small central canal have earned it the nickname “The Garden of New Zealand”.



The treasures of New Zealand’s fauna are concentrated in the East, which has become the main attraction. One can spot whales, sperm whales and dolphins in the sea, as well as seals and sea lions on land. Further down the east coast, there are penguins, albatrosses and elephant seals. 












swimmers-wanaka.jpgSwing.bmpDominated by Mount Cook (3,754m), Queenstown is the sporting capital of New Zealand and offers a multitude of activities designed to thrill, including bungy jumping, skydiving over the mountains and rafting down one of the largest rapids in the world.




Fantastic fjord  country

Only boats and kayaks can penetrate the isolated world of Milford Sound. Travelers will find frequent rains and astonishing waterfalls. Dolphins and sea lions are waiting here for you too - so don't miss the place when you are visiting New Zealand.

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