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Best Places to visit for backpackers in Canada

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Travelling round Canada 



To see the whole of Canada in one trip would be ambitious: it is the largest country in the world after Russia! When we talk about places to visit in Canada, it is better to consider each of the provinces separately. To see all of the places and to do all of the activities below, it will take at least one month and several internal flights. If you intend to travel everywhere by bus, train or car, then you will need between 2 and 3 months.


Canada is host to the largest number of national parks in the world hosting sports and outdoor activities like hiking and wildlife watching... these parks are an unmissable experience on visiting Canada.


Must see - Ontario


Toronto-Niagara-WHV.jpgCanada-Algonquin-WHV.jpgToronto/Ottawa/Kingston-museums, shopping, markets...

  • Niagara Falls- Visit the National Park
  • Pinery and Algonquin National Parks- Host to sporting activities such as Kayaking and hiking
  • Midland’s 30 000 Islands- Boat trips
  • Wasaga Beach- The largest freshwater beach in the world is definitely one of the best places to visit in Canada.


Must see - Quebec



Main cities - Montreal, Quebec City, Charlevoix 

Saguenay / Lac Saint-Jean- kayak rides and hiking trails    

Tadoussac- Whale watching by boat

Gaspésie- Walks on the south shore of St Lawrence and visit Green Island and Kamouraska


The Rockies from Calgary to Jasper


Canada-dogs.jpgCanada-Banff-WHV.jpgActivities in the Banff region

  • Winter sports – skiing, snowboarding, climbing, etc
  • Bathing in hot springs
  • Hiking and rafting in the national parks

Activities in the Jasper region

  • Mountain sports: kayaking, rafting, mountain biking
  • Hiking in the mountains and national parks


Vancouver and the west coast



In the forest

  • Capilano Suspension Park
  • Sports such as golf, hiking and mountain biking


By the coast

  • Surfing on the Vancouver beaches   
  • Sea cruises to observe whales and orcas
  • Diving off the coast of Vancouver Island
  • Sailing and kayaking on the Pacific coast Vancouver-pvt.jpgsports-vancouverVancouver-English-course.jpg
  • Salmon fishing along the Skeena River
  • Hiking along the coast
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