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Have you always wanted to visit Great Britain or Ireland, but felt that you would not have enough money, or would have difficulty communicating or finding a place to stay? We’ve got the solution for you.


Guaranteed Jobs Abroad


If you’re over 18, you can experience life in the UK while funding your stay with a job in a hotel, catering, or sales. Our partner offers programmes year-round to suit any profile – regardless of your qualifications or level of English – with a 98% business placement success rate.

There are three different options available for this:

The “Start Up” Option
This option allows you to work either part- or full-time. Our partner guarantees you a job within 15 days from the start of your programme.


The “A LA CARTE” Option
While the “Start Up” option focuses purely on work, the “A La Carte” option allows for studying and accommodation, and lets you choose a plan suited to your needs. You can choose between:

  • A 2 week English course + Start Up
  • 2 weeks of accommodation + Start Up
  • 4 weeks of accommodation + a 2 week English course + Start Up


This option is for programmes starting between May and September, and lets you have; 

  • Start Up + a 1 week English Course +  9 weeks of accommodation

Before your arrival

Our partner will initiate contact via telephone to discuss your plans and asses your language capabilities, if needed. Based on is, they’ll suggest which option may be best for you, along with helping you update your CV into an English format and helping you with correction, if any are necessary.

After your arrival

You will receive a Londoner’s kit at your welcome meeting with our partner, which will contain a SIM card, Travelcard and a map of London, to help you get around. You will also receive a personalised information and advice session to make your settling in and integration period as smooth as possible, with our partner going over the basics of opening a bank account, obtaining an NI number, where local health services are, etc.


We’ll initiate a targeted search for available jobs relating to your experience and level of English, with a motivational session before each interview, for a maximum of up to 4 interviews. Once you’ve started work, there will be a one-to-one follow up service for the duration of your stay.


Internship Placements in London and Dublin 


What if you’re looking to enhance your CV with top quality work experience? Try an internship abroad! Our team will help you throughout the year with finding and securing all kinds of internships, in all areas, for all levels of study and all levels of English, for EU nationals.


“Immersion” Internship

  • For those who have a basic grasp of English, this is the internship you should look at. It runs for a minimum of 3 weeks.


Professional Internship

  • For those with a good command of the English language, you’ll want to go for this internship. It runs for a minimum of 8 weeks.


We promise a guaranteed and personalised placement. Initial contact will be made by our partner via telephone in French to discuss your plans and in English to assess your language. We’ll update your CV into an English format, suggesting corrections, if necessary.


Our partner will run a targeted search for available internships geared to your experience and level of English, and help you prepare before each interview. Their experience staff will also offer you personalised information and advice to optimise your settling in.


By virtue of our partner’s local presence and our knowledge of the market, we can respond to your demands in a personalised way: we will look for a suitable match to meet your expectations and will also guarantee follow-ups for the duration of your stay.





Brush up your English, prepare for an exam and improve your conversational skills. Choose from our selection of English courses!


Our selected schools are recognised by the British Council and ACELS, and specialise in interactive and quality teaching of English. We have native speaking English teachers who are used to teaching students of all nationalities, who can teach all levels of English.

 Classes are available throughout the year, with lessons arranged by level – from general, to intensive, to business, to conversation - and cover the many aspects of English, such as grammar, conjugation, written comprehension, pronunciation and oral expression.


Sessions starting every Monday for a minimum of 1 week, and we offer morning, afternoon and evening classes, with either one to one or group lessons. Our schools are situated in city centers, with competitive rates, and on top of the regular English classes we also organise activities and culture outings.


Simply contact our team to find the best solution for your needs, with our rapid service and easy reservation. 



As part of our mission as the “go-between” and in a bid to ensure total satisfaction ,our team has visited and selected several types of accommodation for you to suit the duration of your stay as well as your budget. Multiple prices for multiple wishes:



For a linguistic and life experience, suitable for a stay with an English course or an internship. Single or twin (if there are 2 of you) room, bed & breakfast or half board


For more independence, ideal if you are coming for a job or internship. Single or t win room, kitchen available or half board, in city centre



For a young and international ambience; short stay as an individual or in a group. Single or shared rooms, breakfast included, kitchen available, in the heart of the city centre



Whether you are on your own, with friends or as a family, for a professional stay or as a  tourist. Single, twin, family rooms – breakfast included, in the heart of the city centre.


So leave your worries behind and let us take care of the details for you. Just tell us what your preferences are, and we will help you sort everything out and get started!



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