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We are members of the ICEF Educational Group and are New Zealand Specialist certified agents, and are the leading educational experts for New Zealand with more than 70 affiliated educational bodies, including private institutes, universities, high schools, polytechnics and English schools, which offer courses in General English, Business English, IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL Preparation Classes. All our services are free! We are paid by the institutions we represent, so there is no extra charge for using our services or seeking our advice. Just pay the institute directly, and rest assured, the New Zealand government will protect registration and tuition fees.


Are you looking for English courses, activities and travel opportunities in New Zealand, all in one package? Well, you’ve come to the right place! All of the listed programmes are flexible, can be started any time of year and can be shortened or extended according to your requirements. Here is a sampling of the many varied courses that are on offer.



Volunteers make an important contribution to conservation in New Zealand. That’s why we have a 6-week intensive English course of 25 hours a week, during which you will be given a volunteer placement in one of the wildlife sanctuaries, domestic animal shelters or national parks. What you do depends partly on your skills. You may have the opportunity to look after cute Kiwi birds, take care of a variety of cats and dogs, or between June and October, be given general duties on a ski mountain. You fee includes full board in a homestay, but excludes airport transfer and insurance. You may also enquire about placements of 4 or 8 weeks or more.



On the South Island of New Zealand, on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, sits Queenstown, surrounded by the majestic mountain ranges of the Southern Alps. It is New Zealand’s premier tourist resort and is known as the adventure capital of the world. For 4 weeks, you can learn English in the morning and enjoy skiing or snowboarding in the afternoon on Coronet Peak, Queenstown's top ski field, or the Remarkables, Snowpark, Cardrona and Treble Cone ski fields.



This course takes place in Queenstown, near rugged mountains and majestic lakes. For 3 weeks, learn English for 15 hours per week, as well as get training to prepare for the New Zealand Snowsports Instructors’ Alliance (NZSIA) Level 1 exam.



This 5-week course gives you instructor training for teaching English to children through games, songs and activities. You will discover practical strategies for planning effective teaching sessions and locating new and interesting teaching resources. This is a Level 4 NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) qualification.


In order to attain the full NZQA TESOL English Instructor Certificate qualification, add 8 weeks of Communication English or IELTS Academic English to your TESOL course. You may complete the English language component before or after your TESOL course, or schedule your TESOL course for the middle of your English course.



This programme combines intensive English language study with a four-week kindergarten or pre-school internship in New Zealand. It begins with an 8- or 12-week intensive English language programme, during which, you will study Communication English together with other students from around the world. You will also take part in a series of workshops about New Zealand education and early childhood education.


You will then spend 4 weeks observing and helping out in an Auckland kindergarten or pre-school. When the course has been completed, students receive a certificate of completion and a report from the host kindergarten or pre-school. Do note that any stay in NZ that is longer than 3 months requires a study visa, internship visa or working holiday visa.



Are you a hardcore adventurer? Well, now you can learn English while having enough activities to keep you happy. For 3 weeks, you can take part in a variety of activities 3 times a week, such as bungy jumping, white water rafting, rock climbing or Fly By Wire. There will also be an excursion to Milford Sound. Transport will be provided to and from each activity.



Within 20 minutes’ drive to 4 golf courses, Queenstown is ideally suited for golf enthusiasts. Learn English for 3 weeks while playing golf on various courses 3 afternoons a week, according to your skill level. Your fee includes green fees and equipment rental, and lessons with local golf pros can be arranged at extra cost.



Rugby enthusiast? This 4-week course includes English lessons, accommodation and food, coaching sessions, fitness training, playing for a local rugby club, signed memorabilia and a Total Rugby tracksuit.



There are three options available:


(A) 4 weeks of English at 25 hours a week, and one flying lesson to get a taste for piloting a small 4-seater Cessna plane. You will receive a Course Completion Certificate, and you may choose to extend your English or flying course at any time


(B) 4 weeks of English at 19 hours a week, and flying lessons 3 afternoons a week, during which you can do as many hours as you wish. Quite often, you will get to fly solo after about 12 to 15 hours with an instructor. You will receive a Personal Pilot Log Book, Course Manual and Course Completion Certificate.


(C) 12 weeks of English at 15 hours a week and 60 hours of flying lessons, including a minimum of 50 hours of flight experience. The minimum of flying hours is 40 hours for a restricted private pilot's license but the normal for pilot's license is 60 hours depending on how quickly the student learns. You will receive a Course Manual, Personal Pilot Log Book and Private Pilot’s License (if you pass all the tests).



The General English Intensive course focuses on everyday English used in real-life situations, but it may be a little difficult to speak underwater while you’re scuba diving in beautiful Mercury Bay in Whitianga! For 4 weeks, while improving your English, you can take scuba lessons and get your PADI Open Water license, in cooperation with DIVE HQ Whitianga.



English classes can be arranged around the various fishing trips, which include fishing from the wharf, as well as all-day sea fishing trips. Your course fee includes rods, line and bait, other equipment, accommodation, and food.



Study English in the morning, and ride a horse in the afternoon (2 rides per week). During the horse trek, you will experience farmland and forest, waterfalls and close encounters with farm animals. Each of the treks lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours. This General English course takes place in Whitianga and focuses on everyday English.



Get the city and beach experience in two of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. The General English course accepts all levels, and focuses on English used in real life situations. And what better way is there to practice than to go places and meet people? Your course will be split into 2 parts: 6 weeks in Auckland, NZ’s largest city, where you can enjoy the shopping, dining and award-winning wine; and another 6 weeks on The Coromandel, the front garden of Whitianga and one of NZ’s favourite holiday destinations, with its white sandy beaches, green hills, endless blue sky and friendly people.


What do you need to sign up?

A minimum English level will be required for programmes that include training. If your course takes 12 weeks or longer, you must apply for a Student Visa, Working Holiday Visa or Internship Visa. Up to 12 weeks, a Visitor Visa will do. Visa applications are not accepted online. All you need to do is prepare all supporting documents in PDF format, provide an acceptable photo of yourself (no selfies!), and have a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, so you can pay the application fee.


Then, after submitting your application, send your passport and the appropriate handling fee to a Visa Application Centre or Immigration New Zealand Office, and you’re on your way!




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