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Back in September I decided to take a 3 month trip around South America with my Kiwi friend…we travelled around Chile and Argentina for a month, then I carried on in Brazil, Ecuador and Columbia. It was my second time in Buenos Aires – the Paris of South America. Romantic style buildings in Palermo, street artists at each corner, great food, theatres…Buenos Aires has everything a city can offer, a real cultural cross-road between latin culture and European lifestyle.



Wandering around the colourful Boca district - South of Buenos Aires


Speak Spanish or miss the South American experience


My first advice to enjoy your time is Buenos Aires is to speak (at least) basic Spanish. If you cannot speak a word of Spanish, then you should expect limited interactions with people, and it won’t help getting around the city and the country as a whole. With Spanish classes starting at 390€ per week in Buenos Aires (including accommodation) there is no reason for you to avoid learning Spanish – or at least the basics. It’s your key to an amazing experience on a Working Holiday in Argentina!


Activities and city tours


The hostel where we were staying offered several activities and plenty of night-outs every day of the week! From tango classes to live footlball games or volunteer programs with children, we experienced it all! Five days is a little short to do the volunteer program but we got to visit the site and say hi to the children…I wish we stayed a couple of weeks to immerse ourselves in a volunteer project in Buenos Aires and work alongside locals.


To visit the city, there is nothing better than a bike tour! Again it is organised by the hostel and it’s run by the friendliest guides ever. For those who prefer walking tours, the graffiti tour in Palermo is definitely on my top list, it gave us a great insight of current street artists in Buenos Aires.



Bike tour in Buenos Aires - explore it the fun way!


Places to visit while in Buenos Aires

La Ricoleta Cemetary  - Palermo  - La Boca - The Harbour


And finally…the party vibe! With Hundreds of bars and night clubs open until dawn, you will find it difficult to avoid dance floors…check out events, shows and concerts on local magazines and websites like Time Out.



La Ricoleta Cemetary where you can visit the grave of Evita

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