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Working Holiday CanadaThe Lethbridge arts scene buzzes with enough excitement to rival any big city. With the myriad opportunities Canada’s cultural capital has to offer, art lovers will never be bored. The city boasts a variety of exhibits, events and classes to creative minds. Lethbridge was once designated the Cultural Capital of Canada, and with good reason. The local government and civic organizations have worked on numerous campaigns to renovate and expand the city’s arts facilities.

One such facility is the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, on which renovations were completed in 2010. Located in downtown Lethbridge, the art gallery celebrates the works of contemporary artists from the local area and around the world. The gallery’s permanent collection features a number of works from the southern Alberta region, including numerous paintings by Irene McCaugherty, whose watercolors depict scenes of Lethbridge as a quaint, quiet town. 

For more visual stimulation, visitors can head over to the Bowman Arts Centre, also in the city’s downtown area. The centre is a place for artists from Lethbridge and greater Alberta to exhibit their talent. It features three galleries and selects works from a wide range of media, including paintings, crafts and installation arts. Don't forget about places to stay as well. With everything to see, you cannot possibly do it all in just one day. There are plenty of hotels in Lethbridge , not to mention bed and breakfasts type accommodations.


After all that inspiration, Lethbridge visitors may be ready to get down and dirty by making some art of their own. Casa, an expansion of the Bowman Arts Centre, offers drop-in and one- and two-day arts and crafts classes to the public.

For those who choose music as their groove, the Lethbridge Folk Clubsupplies a regular stream of live tunes. The organization attracts musicians from across Canada to entertain residents and visitors with everything from bluegrass to blues. Lethbridge Folk Club events are performed at the local Lethbridge Moose Lodge. The Geomatic Attic also hosts live music almost every weekend with guests from all around North America. For those seeking a little Zen after a night of hard rock, the Geomatic Attic also hosts drop-in yoga classes through Terra Sol BodyTalk.

The Lethbridge Musical Theatre is a decades-old community effort to bring the music of Broadway to the people of Lethbridge. The theatre performs one new musical each year at the Yates Memorial Centre. Additional art opportunities can be found at the University of Lethbridge’s Faculty of Fine Arts, which hosts a number of arts, music and dramatic shows. Every Tuesday, the department puts on Music at Noon, a free, live concert at the campus’s Recital Hall. 




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