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Learning Spanish - Your Key to a Continent

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No matter where in the world you may travel, it’s no secret that you can have way more fun if you are able to communicate with locals in their own language. With millions of native speakers spread across 44 countries, Spanish ranks as the fourth most widely spoken language in the world - knowing how to speak Spanish in South America will give you the opportunity to have more adventures and go to more places than you could previously ever have imagined.


That’s why our partner offers Spanish courses for every level and age. The dynamic morning classes at the hostel will help you grasp the basis of the language, while afternoons and evenings will be spent practising what you’ve learnt by heading out to the city. Led by your teacher, these trips will allow you to interact with the locals at bars, museums and coffee houses. Take in the sights as you continue to acquire the tools you need to transform your journey into a life-changing experience.


What to expect


Your course fee will include: accommodation in our partner's hostel with a choice of shared dorm or private room, and Spanish classes will take place 4 hours a day on 5 days of the week, for a total of 20 hours. Voted 2013’s Trip Advisor winner, we have some of the most happening hostels in Buenos Aires, with very friendly and helpful staff, an excellent location within walking distance to all major highlights of the city, great night life, powerful showers, and incredible discounts for tourist activities. We have spacious and clean bedrooms to suit all budgets, and facilities include a charming chill-out terrace, a bar area, free Wi-Fi, a big screen for world sport events, a pool table, laundry service, and luggage room. 


Travelling and Volunteering


Travelling around Argentina is stunning but not always easy. The country is a massive piece of land (we are the 8th biggest country in the world!!!), distances are huge, and buses or planes do not depart every day. That's why we have an in-house travel desk specialized in optimizing your time and money. So just decide where you want to go, and whether you’d like a package deal or a single day trip, and leave it to us to organize it. Our staff can also help you to sort out tickets to any football game, concert or big event going on in BA.


If volunteering is more your scene, you will find that Buenos Aires is a place of tremendous contrast, with wealthy European-style neighbourhoods standing side-by-side with massive shantytowns. You may have an opportunity to teach computer basics to single mothers, for example, or work with underprivileged children whose parents have never been able to afford a good education or even a hot shower. Volunteering is fun, rewarding, and yet another excellent opportunity for practising your Spanish.


There's something for everyone here in Argentina, so come and join us! We promise that you won't regret it.

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