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Learn English and work on a farm in New Zealand

New Zealand
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If you’re in New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa, one way to make the most of it is by living and learning about life on a farm in the country! Through our partner, Freepackers will help you arrange a farm stay in conjunction with a 12-week English language course in Palmerston  North.


Your stay will be broken up into two parts:


The English Course

The English course is designed to not be too easy, but the skilled teaching staff will guide you through it and help you rise to the challenge. You’ll read and discuss various topics in class, exchanging ideas with your classmates and learning about other cultures, expanding both the breadth of your knowledge and improving your language skills at the same time.  


After you’re done with classes for the day, you can keep yourself entertained by enjoying the facilities available in Palmerstone North, such as the library and the swimming pool, or go for shopping or yoga classes on the weekend. You can also take a coach to other parts of the North Island such as Rotorua, Wellington National Park and Mount Taranaki, where there is a host of sights and a variety of experiences just waiting for you.

The Farm Stay


During the farm stay portion, your host will provide you a full day’s food and accommodation; in exchange, you’re expected to join in and cooperate with the day to day activities. Putting in 4 to 6 hours of work is usually considered a fair exchange. You would be helping with the activities associated with New Zealand farming, such as -

·         Sowing seeds

·         Vegetable & flower gardening

·         Taking care of pesky weeds

·         Making compost

·         Collecting firewood

·         Wine, cheese and bread making

·         Milking cows

·         Checking on and feeding the animals

·         Building fences to keep out wildlife

And many, many more!

The best part is you’ll get to improve your English as you carry out all these activities! In fact, each activity lends itself to your mastering of the language in their own way. And if the farming life appeals to you, you can sign up for a paid job on a working farm once the program is over.


Getting there


And there will be no worry of having to find your way about on your own. When you sign up for the program, a land transfer will be arranged for you from Wellington International Airport. You’ll receive a 2degrees phone sim card with NZ$ 10 credit, 2 weeks free internet in the school building and assistance to apply for an IRD (NZ tax number) and a bank account.

So don’t dilly-dally, make the most of your New Zealand Working Holiday Visa and sign up for the program now!

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