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Our achievement with the Internship Program


Two groups from a university in Nagoya will be returning to our International English School for the 5th straight year in February and March for our 3 week ESL + Internship program. This program has grown in popularity from 18 students in 2009 to 59 in 2014.This Japanese university offers credits to participants as well!



We can offer very high profile graduate internships to international students who wish to learn English while they work in Canada! Positions are varied and can involve working on a cruise ship, at a tourist information centre or at a tourist information kiosk. Ideally, these companies are looking for a minimum 2 month commitment.


All of these placements are highly interactive, so a minimum upper intermediate level of conversation is required of the applicant, along with a bubbly, outgoing personality. 


English + Internship in the Rocky Mountains


The internship programmeis designed for students who would like to gain ‘work experience’ in a Canadian company. An Upper Intermediate level of English is required for effective placement. Ages 19+


Volunteer placementsare designed for students who have a lower English ability and would like to volunteer in the community in a more relaxed environment. Placements are available with various community centers, art galleries, museums, non-profit groups, festivals and at sporting events. Ages 16+



2 WEEKS: $350  / 4 WEEKS $600
8 WEEKS $750 / 12 WEEKS $900


Conditions Internships in Kelowna


  • Unpaid internships / volunteer placements : 2, 4, 8 or 12 weeks.  20 - 40 hours per week usually Monday-Friday
  • Suitable for Lower Intermediate to Advanced level students.
  • Fields: Hotels, Retail, Sales, Museums, Tourism, Cruise Ships, Entertainment, Community Service Sports and Recreation


This program offers students an unforgettable and rewarding learning experience in a real Canadian work environment. The Program Director carefully matches the student's skills with the job requirements of the company. Partner companies expect a high level of professionalism from participants and have very strict attendance and performance standards. Every effort is made to match students with their field of choice. However, some internships may require prior experience, training or certification on the part of the participant. Upon completion of the internship or volunteer placement, students receive a reference letter and internship certificate.

Eligibility and visa requirements


Most of these programmes come with a student visa. Under Canadian immigration law, all placements are unpaid and participants are required to enrol on a language course prior to the placement, for at least the equivalent length of time as the placement.A criminal record check may be required by some companies in advance of the placement. The student is responsible for the cost of this if it is required.


If students are interested in a sole internship (with no language course), they will need to get a Working Holiday Visa in Canada. Please note that grants for a Working Holiday Visa in Canada are limited depending on your country of origin, so please check with Immigration Canada for more details.


Contact us to receive the application forms and documents to provide when applying for internships


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