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English Course and Internships in Canada

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Graduate and Professional Internships in Canada 


Internships in Toronto and Vancouver


Canada-ski.jpgWhy not use your English course by choosing to both study and work in Canada? Although unpaid, internships in Canada are the best way to practise English. The program includes 3 stages :

  • 1/ English courses including pre-placement modules
  • 2 /Option of Premium (guaranteed) or Self-Placement (on site assistance)
  • 3/ A short report writing Canada internship
  • Positions available in administration, engineering, media, law, etc. on a Canada internship



Internships in The Rocky Mountains, Kelowna


Internship-CanadaHigh profile unpaid internship placements are available for international students who wish to learn English as well as work in Canada! 2 to 12 week roles can involve working on a cruise ship or at a tourist information centre...


  • 20 - 40 hours per week usually Monday-Friday
  • Suitable for lower intermediate to advanced level students.
  • Fields: hotels/motels, retail, sales, museums, tourism, cruise ships, entertainment, community service sports and recreation


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