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Backpacking Around Asia?


A visit to Asia is a must for any true blue traveller. The many and varied flavours of these countries, their bustling energy, the amazing sights and sounds (and smells!) – They cannot be missed.


A true blue adventurer wouldn’t be able to stand a standard travel tour and hotel package though.  Two days here, one day there, and a week elsewhere?  Something so regimented would not allow you to soak in the vibes of that place, and see the real lives lived by the people?


Sit with a bowl of pho and watch the flower sellers in Vietnam? Not if you have to be back on the bus in 30 minutes to rush to the next location. What about marvelling over the ancient temples of Cambodia, and meditating there for days? Nope – all you get is a quick pit stop for a few selfies, then right back on the bus with you. You certainly wouldn’t be able to skip over the tour guide-recommended souvenir stall in Bangkok to sip an iced tea and browse the hundreds of stalls in Chatuchak instead.


Why not take matters into your own hands? Plan your own trip, see what you want to see, explore the places that truly interest you.


Wherever, whenever


Want to skip the big cities, and experience life in a mountain village? Perhaps visit a little-known monastery for a week? With our partner, you can!


Many a young traveller takes the time to see Asia while on a budget. However, Asia, while amazingly energetic, runs on a different rhythm. The last thing you want is to be stranded and waiting for a bus you don’t know will come that day.  With our partner’s established bus, train and/or tuk tuk network and our reliable drivers, you will have the best of both worlds.


Hop on – Hop off


Explore Asia your own way using our “Hop on – Hop off” option to go off the beaten track, secure in the knowledge that you’ll never be stranded. You’ll be able to choose where you’d like to stay, taking your pick of hostels, youth hostels and hotels, all arranged around your journey.


You shall use our pass!

You can also use our travel packages and bus passes to make as many trips as you like. We’ve got passes that are valid for up to 12 months at a fixed price.


Not sure where to start exploring in a new country? We offer an extensive range of tours in Thailand and Laos. We also offer the “Hop-on Hop-off” concept anywhere along the route in Laos.  Tap the experience of our drivers to find good places to “Hop-off” and explore, finding your own way around.


We offer several types of travel passes – contact us to find our more, and pick the one that best suits you!


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