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Travelling in Australia


Low cost flights in Australia


Flying is the fastest way of getting around Australia, given how great the distances are! All domestic airlines operate low cost flights in Australia on a daily basis between the big cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Cairns and Brisbane. The main low cost airlines in Australia are:

  • JetstarFor $10, you can get an onboard iPad, providing access to the most recent movies, TV shows and games.
  • Virgin Blue, which offers great HAPPY HOUR specials every day for online bookings.
  • Tiger Airways, average price $145 AUD  Sydney - Cairns, and $45 AUD Sydney - Melbourne



Campervan hire for backpackers


The campervan guarantees maximum freedom as a way of getting around Australia! Ideal for groups, they have become very popular amongst international backpackers. Budget around $50 AUD per day.


Buy a car in Australia with Guaranteed Buyback!


Planning on living in Australia for longer? Choose from more than 100 vehicles for sale, spread over six locations across Australia! We have sold more than 10,000 vehicles to travellers from all over the world. We offer a range of services and warranties that go way beyond any other dealer in Australia.

Click through for more information about buying a car in Australia with Guaranteed Buyback .


The Train – Rail Australia



Trains are an ever-popular means of travelling around Australia :

  • The Indian PacificSydney – Adelaide – Perth (east-west)
  • The Ghan: Darwin – Alice Springs – Adelaide (north – south)
  • The Overland: Melbourne – Adelaide


Travelling by train is generally a little more expensive than by bus as a way of getting around Australia, but much faster and more picturesque - although the trains generally only serve the major cities, far from the coast. With the influx of budget travellers in recent years, the railway companies have developed several rail passes that are flexible and adapted to backpackers and Working Holiday Visa travellers. A Rail Explorer Pass for six months costs $590 AUD.


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