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New Zealand
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Max_winter.gifLow cost flights in New Zealand


With the availability of low-cost airlines such as Jetstar and Virgin Blue, domestic flights have become very affordable for those visiting New Zealand. For example, a direct flight from Auckland to Christchurch (1 hour and 20 minutes) could be as cheap as $50 NZD if booked in advance. Domestic airlines cover 25 destinations daily, making them a real boon for many people living in New Zealand.


Intercity Flexi-Pass


Intercity offer 12 month passes to travel around New Zealand.  An ideal option for Working Holiday Visas!


The Intercity flexi-pass can be booked and recharged online or over the phone. Several bus passes are available, with or without a predetermined route. 


Prices (NZD):  5 hours for $57, 10hrs for $115, 15hrs for $169, 20 hrs for $225 


Backpackers Bus 



A perfect option for backpackers and Working Holiday Visas who would like to start their trip with like-minded travellers!!



Camper van hire in New Zealand


Spaceships-Nz.jpgThis is without doubt the way to travel around that affords you the most freedom! If you are travelling in a small group, renting a car or a campervan is by far the most economical and fun way to explore New Zealand. Spaceship New Zealand is a campervan rental company specialising in backpackers and budget travellers, and offer a large range of services and assistance.  Click through for more information about Spaceship campervans , which are priced from NZD 59 per day.


Note: to drive a car or camper van in New Zealand, you must have an international driving license. Conditions apply (covering such factors as age and insurance). Check any requirements before making a booking.


TRAIN: Tranz Scenic private network


The Northern network connects Wellington to Auckland via Hamilton. In the south, connections are: Picton-Invercagill, Picton-Christchurch and Christchurch-Greymouth. Comfortable and picturesque, the Tranz Scenic also offers magnificent journeys through the mountains. The flexible travel-pass system is valid for 6 months. Students/backpackers receive a 20% discount.


Ferry: The Interislander Company


Daily connections between Wellington (North Island) and Picton (South Island) are guaranteed for those visiting New Zealand. The crossing takes around 3 hours and will cost approx. $63 NZD for a round trip and up to $224 NZD with a car or camper van.


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