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Canada-Jasper.jpgDomestic and Low cost flights in Canada 


To see the whole of Canada in one trip would be very ambitious, even for the more adventurous traveller on a Canada Working Holiday Visa, given that it is the largest country in the world after Russia. Flying is often the fastest way of travelling in Canada across its various states, and with the recent resurgence of budget and low cost airlines, it has now become cheaper and far more accessible for the keen traveller to book a flight to see more of this huge country.


Reasons to book a flight

  • Fast – distances in Canada are enormous.
  • Many connections between domestic airports.
  • Affordable tickets with the arrival of low-cost airlines such as Westjet.

Reasons not to book a flight

  • Not friendly to the environment
  • Not recommended for those who like to travel off the beaten track.


Working-Holiday-CanadaLong distance bus


With regular connections and a network stretching across the breadth of the country, Greyhound Canada is the cheapest way of travelling in Canada. Although distances are long, the bus is still the most popular mode of transport for backpackers and Working Holiday Visas living in Canada. Student rates are available with an ISIC card.


If booked well in advance, Megabus offers seats for $1 CAD to any destination between Montreal and Toronto .It's the perfect solution for travellers on a Canada Working Holiday Visa with a small budget...Bus journeys can be long and tiring, so you may choose to limit the Megabus to a few small journeys or make your trips in stages.



Car or Camper Van Hire


  • Hiring a car or camper van in Canada is generally affordable, but do watch out for the fuel costs!
  • Excellent way to explore an area with friends, but is not recommended for long stays.
  • Slow down, especially at night...animals tend to be blinded by the headlights and will stop in the middle of the road.
  • Be aware of hidden costs! Insurance, deductibles and fines can easily double the advertised price. 


Conditions and rental rates vary, according to the rental company. You must be a minimum of 21 years of age, sometimes as old as 25, and hold a driver’s license, with an international license often being required for camper vans.





Via Rail offers some great discounts youth tariffs with an ISIC card. Check their flexible Pass for long-term stays (Canrailpass or Corridorpass). Exploring Canada by train is a picturesque experience with magnificent landscapes, including the likes of the Rocky Mountains. Although it's less fast and frequent than the bus for travelling in Canada, it does allow passengers to travel by night and offers real flexibility, with passes tailored for long stays like Working Holiday Visas and students living in Canada.


Montreal – Toronto (5 hrs): prices start from $69 CAD

Toronto – Vancouver (3 days 14 hrs): prices start from $450 CAD

Canrailpass – 12 days of travel within a 30 day period across the Via Rail network. From $588 CAD.

Corridorpass – 10 days of travel through Quebec and Ontario. $337 CAD.


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