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budget-travel-ArgentinaLow cost domestic flights 


As the country is so large, when you live in Argentina, it is often easier to fly between major cities, while domestic flights are widely available across the country. The main cities to remember when you travel in Argentina are Buenos Aires city, Cordoba, Rosary, Mendoza, San Miguel de Tucuman and San Juan and flights between these are frequent.


For the best deals, try comparing flight prices online as well as in local travel agencies in the country.


Travelling by bus


Obviously, domestic flights are not the cheapest or even a very environmentally friendly travel option when you live in Argentina, given how large a country it is. There is an international bus route available which is often a popular choice for people despite the travel time, as travelling by bus is cheaper and more accessible, especially to those on a budget. Note that Argentinian busses are world famous for their comfort, safety and facilities on board.


For long distance buses, it is advisable to buy a ticket several days in advance of your trip. Be sure to arrive about 45 minutes before your departure, and always ask at an information counter if your gate number is the same as the one printed on your ticket. For more information, check bus availability and prices on the Retiro website


Get yourself a campervan to go around Chile and Argentina


Wicked-Argentina.jpgCome and have your ultimate experience. Travel in Argentina with a Wicked campervan around the beautiful scenery of The Andes mountain range, the Atacama desert . Do you like surfing? Travel along the coast of Chile, surfing the best waves in South America or enjoy the icy landscapes of Chile and Argentina (Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego).


Wicked offers a 2-Seater or 3-Seater Campervan with everything that you need to eat, sleep, chill and have the best roadtrip that it is possible to have. Roadside assistance is included, while pick-ups and drop-offs are available in Santiago – San Pedro de Atacama – Puerto Varas – Punta Arenas.


Check the availabilities and prices for a Wicked campervan online



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