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4 good tips to start your working holiday in New Zealand

New Zealand
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New Zealand banks and Payment


Travel Currency Cards are the best method of payment when you are living in New Zealand. They are accepted everywhere and allow you to spend money and use ATMs free of charge. Travellers cheques are a secure way to pay, but they are not available in NZD. 


For those travelling on a Working Holiday Visa, a New Zealand bank account is mandatory before commencing any kind of paid work. Employers generally refuse to pay cash or to transfer money to foreign bank accounts. It is very easy to open a bank account in New Zealand. You will generally require a passport (containing your visa) and a “permanent” address.


Tax Refunds


As a non-resident, you are not required to pay income tax whilst you are visiting New Zealand on the Working Holiday Visa. However, income tax is deducted at source and will be automatically deducted from your gross salary. The New Zealand tax rate varies between 12.5% and 45%, depending on your income.



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Travel Insurance


Visitors from all other countries are strongly advised to buy travel insurance before their departure to cover them for the duration of their stay!  Medical care in New Zealand can be very expensive and you will definitely not be covered for your medical care once there. 


Daily budget for living in New Zealand


Prices when visiting New Zealand are pretty much equivalent to Europe. You will need a budget of around 100 NZD per day, per person; this will cover local transport, accommodation and food. For long-term stays and Working Holidays, however, it is possible to spend less by reducing the need for comfort:


  • New Zealand is bursting with travellers on bikes. The quiet roads, beautiful scenery and numerous campsites make it a paradise for cyclists. 
  • Hitchhiking is very popular in New Zealand! The roads are pretty safe but it can be difficult in remote areas.
  • Flat shares: If you are a student or on a Working Holiday Visa or just want to stay several months in one place while living in New Zealand, check out , where you will find hundreds of flat share listings. Some are temporary and work out a much cheaper accommodation solution than a hostel.
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